EC DATA STRUCTURES AND OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING IN C ++. Two Mark .. Write short notes on virtual base class. A base class that is. Data Structures and Object Oriented Programming in C++ Notes Anna EC Digital Electronics Lecture Notes for ECE Third Semester. Analog circuits use a continuous range of voltage as opposed to discrete levels as in digital circuits. Ec lecture notes 1 4 subtracted out to generate any.

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Day 4 — Quarter 1 Advanced Accounting Welcome! I will assign problem sets from Aplia. Millions of students use Aplia to better prepare for class and for their exams.

SLIIT Hands – Engineering

Academic Integrity, Disability Services: You may work in groups, but each student must turn in her or his own work. The Science of Macroeconomics summary 2. I highly recommend that you read the material assigned before we discuss it in class, and then read it again afterwards. This assignment will allow you to chose a current event and analyze it with the macro tools and models we developed in class during the semester. Special attention is paid to recent financial crises, central banking in the United States and around the globe, pecture and equities markets, the evolving debate over the role of the government nptes the economy, budget deficits, trade deficits, and the changing nature of work in America.


What determines the value of money in an economy? Any unverified absence from an exam will result in a zero lecthre for that exam. Investment, stock market analysis, financial analysis pieces, op-eds or blogs from financial market analysts are not good choices.

All exams and quizzes will be held in the regular classroom. The course material is cumulative, with each topic building rc2202 prior ones, so missing classes and falling behind are particularly bad ideas. Rule Versus Discretion c. I take attendance and class participation will determine part of your grade see below.

It covers a variety of classic questions in macroeconomics including: Patterns of Unemployment l. Missing class does not waive or extend the deadline for submitting an assignment. Fewer than 60 percent of the possible points in the class I reserve the right to lower this nktes at any time–for example, I may determine that 93 points should be an A. Government Debt and Budget Deficits Ricardian View of Government Debt g. Introduction to Economic Fluctuations T Th12 and 1: The course focuses particular attention on how macroeconomic policy monetary and fiscal affects outcomes in these dimensions, and on using the tools of the field to evaluate alternative letcure responses to current events.

This course provides an introduction to the modern theory and practice of macroeconomics. It has to be directly related to what we covered in class and macro theory. Class interaction is very important for all of us to gain the most from the course. If you already registered an access code or bought Aplia online, the course key to register for this course is: Chapter 2 Mankiw The Classical Theory: Always err on the side of citation!


These Supplements will often go into more depth than the textbook or highlight issues not directly covered in the text. There will be no exceptions. Adaptive Expectations and Inflation Inertia g.

Department of Economics EC2202.06 (TTh 1:30-2:45)

Each student is responsible for any announcement made in class. The Sticky-Wage Model c. After the free trial ends you will be required to pay for access. Why is there unemployment? You can pay online using a credit or debit card, or PayPal. Chapters 3, 45, 6 and 7 Mankiw Growth Theory: You may write anything on both sides of the sheets. Interrupting others is not acceptable conduct c.

These two will shape your grade.

Department of Economics EC (TTh )

Science of Macroeconomics b. Commodity Market and the IS Curve d. Groups will consist of five students each.