12AU7 Amperex / Philips / Philips Miniwatt Holland PHILIPS ECC82 – 12AU7 – PHILIPS ECC82 – 12AU7PHILIPS ECC82 – 12AU7 – MATCHED PAIR – PHILIPS ECC82 – 12AU7 (labelled IEC) lively midrange. ECC82 Philips 12AU7 Mullard Blackburn. Made in England, Gf2 B0B3 codes, ECC82_12AU7_Philips. Ribbed plates, ring getter halo, one side hole.

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RCA made a nice blackplate version of this tube, Sylvania has a gold pin version, and GE has it in their 5-star broadcast line. This is made by Mullard in the late s. Some shield logo types, some are the old white label pre- shield logo version. The midrange is ruler ecc28, and the bass is tight and accurate.

This is the original s RCA black plate that will never be duplicated.

The cream of the crop and I rarely have these in stock. Rather, it is an indication of a genuine vintage tube, and all of these are excellent quality. Still, this is the original and real s RCA made black plate that will never be duplicated. Most have the Bugle Boy logo, and to date codes, all with the Heerlen, Holland factory code.

The extended top end pjilips the Mazda tubes is so lovely and involving. Don’t miss the s halo getter version of this tube, as well.


These philipx s long grey plates are made by Sylvania for Baldwin organ. Brimar UK made with the Brimar factory coding phioips the glass, and the rare long grey plates. Superb old Tesla tubes with the yellow Czechoslovakia label. Watch for the very rare long plate versions from the s available in most European brands. These are very rare in the USA, and often command very high prices. They sound nearly as good as the D-getters and are usually half the price. Square shape getter, high mounted third mica spacer, nice vintage white labels, great pairs of rare vintage tubes!


A really fine military grade greyplate triple mica of the 12AU7 family, made by Raytheon. These vintage tubes have just started to become a hot item, philiips NOS stocks of the West Europe types become harder to find.

Each phiilps with the Tektronix part number around the tube on a Tektronix label, and the pair is in the original Tektronix matched pair box. These tubes are also hard to find in the USA. These “cleartops” are currently the hottest selling 12AU7, and are still a philip buy at current prices. The rare longplate versions are the same, but with even more soundstage space and detail. A great tube that rivals West Europe types, making it a great buy at this price.

The Mazda adds a nice bit of dynamic punch to the sound. These are the large halo getter date coded originals from Holland. Both ribbed plate and the more famous smoothplate types are available, just like the 12AX7, but are being hunted down and soon may be an endangered species. Used in a hi-fi amp in the voltage gain section. These are the D shape getter with the foil strip across the back, originals from Holland, and are the early longplate versions.

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These tubes are a great balance of a clean, airy top end, nice midrange warmth, and accurate bass. Two pairs are overstamped with CV When replacing any stock Russian, Chinese, or East Europe tube with any of these vintage NOS types, you will notice immediately that the midrange glare is gone.


ECC82 Philips 12AU7 Miniwatt Made in Holland

After about hrs break in period, the ECC82 Holland sound even better, smoother high with good detail still. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to see every brand we have.

The rare longplates and Genalex versions have an eye-popping huge soundstage, razor sharp focus and detail, and an philipss top end while retaining the warmth of the lower priced versions. Low noise and no microphonics were just two of the attributes to qualify these for exacting test and medical equipment use. Watch this tube, as it is plentiful now and prices are low.

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New Old Stock original Box. The common USA version of this tube. A nice European tube from the s at a great price! The Sylvania greyplate and military philipw are clean and a bit bright, but the A versions are very accurate. Fine s vintage blackplates. Matched pair and quads available. Some of the Philips Holland versions pgilips the rare pinched waist, where the glass dips inward and actually molds around the top mica plate, giving the plates extra support and virtually eliminating microphonics.

Fine s to early s pbilips blackplate tubes at a nice price. Also when available, Telefunken This is one of the most common tube that fail in vacuum tube receivers. Fine s vintage tube, RCA made. These are like the WAH s French military tubes in performance.