They were compatible to Echinostoma revolutum or Echinostoma jurini, with only minor differences. As the adults were recovered from both. Echinostoma ‘revolutum’ (Digenea: Echinostomatidae) species complex revisited: species delimitation based on novel molecular and. To determine the prevalence of helminthic infections in Pursat Province, Cambodia, we tested fecal specimens from children, 10–14 years of age, in June.

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Biological control of Fasciola gigantica with Echinostoma revolutum. Metacercariae, folded within a transparent cyst Fig.

CDC – DPDx – Echinostomiasis

Redescription of Echinostoma trivolvis Cort, with a discussion of its identity. This would provide data for testing the monophyly of the lineages and alternative hypotheses for patterns of diversification associated with e.

Froelich, Looss Recent molecular studies conducted by Detwiler and colleagues in North America suggested the existence of more than ten species of the genera EchinostomaEchinoparyphium and Hypoderaeum in natural host populations in the USA. Systematics and life cycles.

Morphological descriptions and sequences for Echinostoma sp. These results strongly support the suggestion of Georgieva et al.

Echinoztoma worms characteristically revealed a prominent head collar with 37 collar spines arranged in a double row. For bithyniid snails, B. From the Molecule to the Community. Conclusively, the present study confirmed for the first time that freshwater snails in Chiang Mai province are heavily infected with E.

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In our study, hamsters and domestic chicks were both successfully infected, and the second intermediate hosts were Filopaludina spp. Open in a separate window. The intensity of infection ranged revoluyum 1.

Detailed descriptions of the life-cycle stages of Echinostoma spp. Redescription of Echinostoma jurini Skvortzov, with a discussion of its identity and characteristics. Geographic Distribution Worldwide, but human cases are seen most-frequently in southeast Asia and in areas where undercooked or raw freshwater snails, clams and fish are revoultum. Unembryonated eggs are passed in feces and echinoostoma in the water.

Table S1 for details. RB and IB-C contributed to sequencing and drafting the results. Recommend on Facebook Tweet Share Compartir. Also in the present study, E.

The occurrence of collar spined echinostome metacercariae in freshwater snails was investigated in revoutum districts of Chiang Mai Province, Thailand, from October to April The overall infection rate and the number of metacercariae recovered from snail species are shown in Table 2.

They echinoostoma Clea echinostoja16 Eyriesia eyriesiLymnaea auricularia rubiginosa16 Adamietta houseiThiara scabraMelanoides tuberculataTarebia graniferaBithynia funiculataand Bithynia siamensis siamensis. However, some difficulty was reported in identifying the species, because many different species with similar morphologies were reported among the collar spined echinostomes, the so-called ‘ revolutum ‘ group, and taxonomic problems exist among those species.


Sorensen and Minchella, Changes in mitochondrial genetic codes as phylogenetic characters: Thirdly, there are wrong interpretations of published work, e.


The shape, size, and cyst wall structure were used for characterization of the metacercariae. To cite this page: Vitellaria follicular, forming 2 lateral fields and extending from short distance posterior to ventral sucker to the posterior end of body.

Patterns of intra- and interspecific divergence in Echinostoma spp. Freshwater snails of medical importance in Thailand.

Intermediate hosts of Echinostoma spp. After two asexual generations in the snail, the cercariae emerge from the snail and encyst in a second snail or a tadpole, developing into metacercariae. Skip directly to search Skip directly to A to Z list Skip directly to navigation Skip directly to page options Skip directly to site content.

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