VFR Chart of EDDV. IFR Chart of EDDV. Location Information for EDDV. Coordinates: N52°’ / E9°’ View all Airports in Niedersachsen, Germany. EDDV. Airport information: Country: Germany. City: HANNOVER . THIS CHART IS A PART OF NAVIGRAPH NDAC AND IS INTENDED FOR. EDDV is the airport code for Hanover/Langenhagen International Airport. GPS / FMS RNAV Arrival Chart Transition to Final Approach (Overlay to Radar.

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The three AREAs from the bottom upwards describe the runtimes of each logical step within this test, the blue AREA on top is the test’s overhead runtime. It may also be that you are looking at a mirror page fharts did not copy the CSS for this page.

Take Off Distance Avbl.

Nearby Airports with Fuel. Terminal Map Not Available for this Airport.

Aircraft seen in EDDV. The grey area is a reboot. This graph shows how the effectiveness of using postfix UCE controlgreylisting and spamassassin to reduce spam.


These 2 graphs are displayed on a status page of my small server at home. This graph shows the atmospheric pressure measured at our school’s weather station.

Hanover/Langenhagen International Airport

CPU Load drawed with drraw. All nodes are being monitored in real-time for major system information eddf 15 seconds. Filesystem Utilization and Predicted Trends. This is a part of our cluster of about CPUs. The colored background shows the maximum and minimum values of the signal.

More blanks space in the graph, more free the CPU is.

EDDV (Hannover, Germany): Daily Weather Quality Charts

For example, if i would like to compare today’s data with yesterday, then i would pass 1 as the daydelta to the cgi, whcih would calculate the SHIFT values. Load and CPU usage. The graphical design though relies completely on CSS2 styles. Added several sensors over the years some of which have stopped working but I still have 9 working temperature sensors: Runway 09L Runway 27R Elevation: Interesting the period from 8: This simple graph show the OSPF traffic that pass through in two central routers.

RRDtool – RRDtool Gallery

OpenBSD’s spam deferral daemon connection graph shows simultaneous connections in green, and connection times in blue. Image is not unique but object of monitoring is quite original: Do you have a better diagram of this Airport? Traffic in Kibibytes – cable modem. Runway 09C Runway 27C Elevation: Your submission did not go through: If you see this text, this means that your browser does not support CSS2. One-Wire Weather station with several temperature sensors. This graph shows thermal condition of various parts of the server room.


The graph display the actual send a PAP push to the mobile, possibile errors due to get to HLR and retrieve for mobile.

For those unfamiliar with spamd, it is an SMTP tarpit for blacklisted senders. System Information retro look. The data is taken from a spamd logfile every time a line is added, or at 10 second intervals if no new data arrives in which case the most recent values are duplicated.