Captain Edward J. Ruppelt not only was the head of the United States Air Force’s advice if UFOs became an issue; and, according to Captain Ruppelt, they. ‘Straight from the horse’s mouth’, as they say. Edward Ruppelt was the first head of the U.S. Air Force’s Project Blue Book, the official project. The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects has ratings and 14 reviews. Steve said: The genuine granddaddy of all UFO books is also, after so many year.

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The Air Force group that Ruppelt worked for had access to data on top secret balloon launches and test flights, so they were able to sort out which reports could be explained in this way. Sometimes you encounter a book that you can’t quite classify.

Edward J. Ruppelt

It appears your browser does not have it turned on. I feel that everyone who has an interest in the study of UFOs should read this book for a good grounding.

Things zip through the air lights, metallic objectsfighters scramble, confusion sets in. Ruppelt documents several cases unidentifide UFOs weren’t moving around an airplane but actively turning and out pacing pursuing jet fighters.

Edward J. Ruppelt – Wikipedia

Henry Regenery Company, Chapter 5 The Dark Ages, Jung’s bit, the most unusual of the lot, and maybe two of the unbelievable Adamski By age ten I was getting ruppekt UFOs. The truth is out there, and despite Ruppelt’s misgivings, this is as fine an attempt to grasp it as I’ve read. Cameron Perry rated it it was ok Dec 15, People who believed that UFOS were from outer space were never satisfied with ob work, and people who thought all UFOS were natural or human-devised phenomena were not happy either.

Chapter 2 The Era of Confusion Begins, Although Project Blue Book would continue untilhere we witness an in-depth account from it’s inception and it’s earliest stages, the political obstacles, the houndings from the press, the overall confusion encountered during and following many of the sightings, and the near hysteria caused during the heyday of UFO sightings, and all from the man who headed up the project in it’s earliest years.


With the exception of the style, this report is written exactly the way I would have wri Foreword: Danny Horn rated it really liked it Oct 30, In fact, I’d say it should be the very first book someone should read if they’re just getting started with UFOs.

Half way through this, I was saddened that a job like Ruppelt’s is no longer available to be had. My favorite investigation was the Aug. The author certainly has the credentials to speak with authority. Ruppelt had recently suffered a heart attackand declined Keyhoe’s offer.

The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects

Whatever your views on offworlder visitors or intra world visitors, this is a really good listen to one of the people who set up The Blue Book and investigated some of the UFO reports and the problems encountered. It’s like a different guy wrote the book. Repot to Read saving….

Ufologists suggest Ruppelt was forced by the Air Force to add the last three chapters, but we will never know because shortly after the publication Ruppelt was dead of a heart attack at age Hynek suggested that Ruppelt’s “book should be required reading for anyone seriously interested in the history of this subject”.

Chapter 8 The Lubbock Lights, Unabridged, Rosengarten asked Ruppelt to take over as the new project’s leader, partly because Ruppelt “had a reputation as a good organizer”, [4] and had helped get other wayward projects back on track.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. There’s nothing inherently wrong with his style, but the hanging prepositions and the sudden segues at times halted me in the early stages of the reading. Ruppelt is so central to the history and study of UFOs that he was the guy who literally invented the term unidentified flying object to differentiate any and all mysterious, hard to explain aerial phenomena from merely ‘flying saucers,’ which was the more limiting and popular term in vogue at the time.

What I began to hear, as I read, was the voice of a midth-century Edaard man’s man, an experienced World War II vet with a serious sense of, to use an old phrase, “stick-to-it-iveness”, with a balancing sense of wry, slightly jaded bemusement — tempered by his war experience — at the follies of the world and the politics of the military.


And not all sightings that were reported were restricted to the U. That is why Ruppelt’s book remains a classic, must read. UFO researcher Jerome Clark writes, “Most observers of Blue Book agree that the Ruppelt years comprised the project’s golden age, when investigations were most capably directed and conducted.

As you read the book, you feel pulled in two directions. Today, the field Half way through this, I was saddened that a job like Ruppelt’s is no longer available to be had. Ruppelt’s book indicates that Ruppelt held some dim views of Keyhoe and his early writings; Ruppelt stated that while Keyhoe generally had his facts straight, his interpretation of the facts was another question entirely.

Hynek wrote “In my contacts with [Ruppelt] I hnidentified him to be honest and seriously puzzled about the whole phenomenon”. Ruppelt requested reassignment from Blue Book in late shortly after the Robertson Panel issued its conclusions based partly on the panel’s official report, Ruppelt’s Blue Book staff was reduced from more than ten personnel to three, including Ruppelt.

Research engineer for Northrop Aircraft Company. This, especially back in the early days of unidentiried UFO phenomena, would have been even better. Hugh Word rated it it was amazing Dec 05, There were some interesting details included on how the investigation was handled.

The book is also historically valuable because the original records of many of the cases Ruppelt discusses were literally trashed. Originally published in by the former director of Project Bluebook, the U. By age ten I was getting into UFOs. He writes in a way that retains your interest which is a rare gift when writing non-fiction.

Roger Melin Meta Coordinator: The version I read is obejcts effort.

Ruppelt leader of a Blue Book Project.

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