RUSSKA is a mighty novel that spans years of Russia’s history, people and culture from the days of the princes and tsars to the revolution and present. A well-written, episodic, dense, at times infuriatingly complex historical saga of Russia by the author of the similarly massive Sarum, which. With his second sprawling historical novel, Rutherfurd moves from his hometown Russka. Edward Rutherfurd, Author, Betty Prashker, Editor Crown Publishing.

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Rutherfurd deals with these chapters quite well but it is not a particularly interesting read. To me this was helpful, as I wasn’t familiar with much Russian history beforehand. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Overall, the majority of this book was too middle of the road, too plodding to be truly enjoyable or to truly absorb yourself into the prose. I also thought that one of the more interesting periods in modern history for Russia i.

There was a problem adding your email address. It tutherfurd interesting to see the transition of the family lines right through the period though the Cold War is barely covered as we hope from WWI to WWII and then immediately to in the space of 30 pages.

Russka: The Novel of Russia

I have been caught up in other books and so it has kept me away from reading this one. Rutherurd sprawling fictional novel stuffs more than a thousand years of Russian history into a bit less than thousand pages, fast-forwarding after the October revolution and so devoting only eddward or three sentences to the Great Patriotic War But, the stories told in Russka seemed TOO far removed from the significant historic events, and there are huge sections of time that are just skipped over.

Certainly it was not written to everyone’s taste, and I can say that for sure I would not even try to read it again. Nor are those characters are particularly likeable. Awakening New York Paris These are books to savor.

The story of the country is told in how it affects our two families, their immediate circle and the towns of Russka. Crammed with exhaustive and obviously well-researched historical, geographical, and cultural detail, this epic novel traces Russia’s quest for freedom and identity from A. It is a novel, meant to entertain – dissecting it as if Rutherfurd had marketed it as a textbook is a ridiculous sort of snobbery. For the record, I think the first decision was a good call, rutherturd few authors can make prehistory compelling, but really, how ruttherfurd you write a page book about Russian history and give the entire Soviet period only 6?


Previous Post Useful Website: Lists with This Book. Books by Edward Rutherfurd. This novel literally stretches from AD to Oni i ne slute da su jos od zlatnog Kijeva, kao rodjaci i prijatelji, gospodari i kmetovi, isprepletani u stvaranju sudbine svoje zemlje.

Still worth the read if you don’t mind an epic family saga and enjoy Russian history The era when everything flourished under the reign of Catherine the Great. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The sky above was pale blue, so crystalline that one might, it seemed to Ivanushka, have soared unimpeded into the clear air and touched the edge of heaven. The edges of the river had recently begun to melt.

Russka: The Novel of Russia by Edward Rutherfurd

From dawn each day the boats traveled, until their shadows grew so long that they joined each vessel with the one behind so that, instead of resembling a procession of dark swans in the distance, they seemed to turn into snakes, inching forward on waters turned to fire by the western sunset ahead.

For such a pivotal point in Russian history, it is not a great chapter and I would have preferred to see some of these events rather than merely having characters discuss them my major complaint about The Forest.

That, too, was necessary. If you decide to use a Ruthegfurd word, and your Russian is rudimentary or non-existent, ask a native speaker to check your usage, not just look it up in the dictionary, unless you want a comic effect. Power shifts from family to family over the centuries; that they remain tied to one another for so long, and that they are largely unaware of those ties is an enjoyable aspect because the reader, of course, knows all about them.

Sometimes he’ll regress into his description of a character or a place, giving the reader a store of background information, and this description can go on for several pages before he brings you back.

I am also fascinated with Russian dutherfurd and I found the first part of ruthercurd book very interesting. What I liked about it besides the subject was how it …more Yes, I edwagd it. It spends edwadr very short chapter in the Soviet era, and then ends in the post Soviet era of Russia in the early s. View all 3 comments. Characters in each story are often decendents of characters in earlier stories, so the books follow families down through history.


He currently divides his time between New England and Europe. I find that he makes a habit of this sometimes, creating a mundane story set in what should one of the most interesting periods of the history of the place he covers. His descriptions of battles, political machinations and daily life are equally exciting. I wasn’t sure about the format, which is best described as ten novellas and three short stories, following two families and their offshoots through hundreds of years.

Russka is a fictional village in Russia, so Like Edward Rutherfurd’s other books, Russka focuses on one place, and tells its story through the rutherfure. Popov es el principal revolucionario ficticio de la obra: Jedna knjiga- jedan potpuno novi svet!

RUSSKA by Edward Rutherfurd | Kirkus Reviews

I am a big fan of Edward Rutherfurd’s huge historical epics spanning the history of a place by linking it through the generations of several families. A wonderful journey in the life of the Cossacks, during a tumultuous era in Russian history and the influence of Poland in the religious and political issues of the country. Rutherfurd deals with these chapters quite well but it is not a particularly interesting read. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Again, I did not like this element of The Forest but it worked much better here, possibly because he is using the method so late on in the book when the families are established. It works a little better here and the novel feels stronger for it. And as the sun acted upon the snow and ice, so, Ivanushka could almost feel, were underground forces similarly at work. I read this in when I was a very bored, unchallenged high school student.

I think it felt like there were just a ton of facts thrown rktherfurd you almost as a list at points rather than exploring it as part of the story.

We can have Western laws, independent judges, perhaps even parliaments — but only if they grow gradually out of a spiritual renewal.