By now most people have heard about the EF Strategy Guide, but that this work goes beyond the manual included with the game itself. Instructions on installing EF V2 on 64 bit Windows are available. .. If you have a specific EF TrackIR profile, assign it to the game. Super EF – Manual. Game Title, Super EF Document Type, Manual. Platform, PC (DOS/Windows). Author, paulo_becas (stats). Author website.

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Super EF / PC (DOS/Windows) / Downloads –

The patch will solve this problem with the command running in. For anyone that has looked at a WARGEN flight route, this lets you know manua, were right all along – change the flight paths!

Landing is the other section I get the most questions about. Sometimes there is more than one airborne tanker. On page of the manual, a reference is made to “autofiring” in regards to using the cannon.

A short section that will get you motivated to see just how high a high score YOU can get. It is not embarrassing to return without chaffs and flares but to return without your plane!

Also, don’t forget to use your ECM. War Thunder Releases Update 1.

It also includes matrices of number of hits per weapon type required to destroy a target type. Includes scores for each target, ,anual tactics, and a mission run through. Remember, when your radar is on, you’re giving off signals that the bandits can pick up. This chapter of the book has information for the novice as well as the higher learned “arm chair” general.


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After you get through this, you will be better than most of the guys talking smack on the Internet. Many flight sim pilots are into the Air to Air aspects of the sim. When my wingman says to attack his target, is there any way to see what his target is? There is a great section on what damage does to the gzme of your aircraft. Download EF Register Login.

PC (DOS/Windows)

This was the section I went to first. Good solid data, but most that have ff2000 book, most likely have the game running already, but this may help dial in performance. Wingmen are quite good at attacking enemy aircraft if you can keep fighters of his tail The mission run through gives new pilots a mnual lesson in how and why to think like a fighter pilot. I get best results dropping the bomb a split second before the CCIP crosses the target.

EF2000 (Special Edition) download

So you learned what the weapons do and when to use them last chapter, now just how do you get in the proper position for delivery? What is the CCIP? This whole section is good to learn the missile parameters, but I think the most useful part is the proper use of the Gun Snake. Forgot your username or password? Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? The basics are here, from pre-flight, taxiing, and taking off to basic landing, a “ground school” section discussing flight dynamics a bit.


A second or two lost can run you into the ground. One solution is to engage the ILS and then follow the waypoint carret. The regular nav HUD mode will give you range to the airfield until then. Approach the tanker, remembering to request permission to join. Jeffrey Bush ft is a good altitude to start a bombing run. Semoga saja bisa dimainkan ef20000 dengan lancar. A very comprehensive section on the Bad Guys.

If you have trouble to run EFread the abandonware guide first! As for the use of drag and bracket maneuvers drag is the most useful. The section spends a great deal of time on communication protocol. Manula closure with a 2 foot dish at 50 knots?

The Basic Section is broken into Missions, a different mission to teach the nuances of each weapon and it’s delivery. The point is, whether you got recognition or not, you fulfilled your mission. The success or failure gamd these missiles depends on A LOT of different factors. What else is new? Can anyone suggest the best altitude and AOA for delivery of cluster munitions and rockets?