Hi, Just to let you know that tried yesterday to send the audio output from my pc streaming Deezer to an Egreat-M34A wiht last firmware that. Ok, so I have the eGreat NMT M34A already and i decided to give you guys a long When booted it up, it had October firmware installed. EG-M34A Egreat Media Tank HD Media Player – Accepts USB Drives, RCA,HDMI ,RJ45 Support recover from firmware update failure with fail safe kernel.

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Say ones about Kb big? NeilFMay 19, BB code is On.

WMV HD p videogame trailers. Navigate to the USB stick on the menu.

Egreat M34A – A long, informative, text + video review !

I saved a handful of movies onto our WD Passport external drive thingy. When you change the audio on any file, it takes about 2 seconds.


Finally the DTS audio track be played without using an amp. Place it in the Egreat and turn on the unit.

I also have a DVD drive. Google can help you out later on, it is not something you need to decide to do today. M34A to A… Date Posted: Jun 15, at PuddleTag is now my favourite MP3 Tagger.

Then i tested Transformers. The boot-time is about 1minute, affirmitive. Hopefully the other NMT players will follow. Star Trek trailer, Disctrict 9 trailer, Transformers 2: AP” eggreat does not work as a firmware update.

Egreat M34A – A long, informative, text + video review ! | AVForums

Thanks for the detailed info. After international shipping it is still going to be a lot less than any European vendor. Maybe I should just try re-flashing it again and see if I get given access again? You should be able to run mpvmcx2 on that firmware.

Testing on obsolete Egreat-M34A – Forum English (EN) – Stream What You Hear – Forum

It took about 5minutes to update, then it rebooted. I only had to pause the file for a second and then resume it, then it played completely fine. March 14, at 7: Jun 12, at 9: Click on that and a new screen with the Firmware upgrade should come up.


It played more types of media than the others and had more types of connections, including a Sata connector.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Jun 13, at May 25, Messages: If you are running Jaggy’s index file could you rename it. Results 1 to 10 of March 15, at You can download it from European servers as well but I can’t post a link on the forum yet. It just so happens you can.