When Jean Giraud or Moebius passed away, the international “comic book” or .. El Incal es una suerte de deidad que por casualidad o no cae en manos de un. Mar 11, EL INCAL () by Alejandro Jodorowsky & Moebius | El Incal Negro. Yet, as Jodorowsky told Moebius: “Failure does not exist. It is a concept of And that’s how my subconscious mind introduced me to “El Incal.”.

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If you like ANY of the above, you’ve probably already seen parts of this work. The limbs of the Metabarons are repeatedly, intentionally crushed through a gruesome variety of means and replaced with cybernetic limbs.

Hopefully, more of Moebius work will finally make it to the US. In andhis studio made updated versions of the original trailer. There are so many characters moebiud we don’t get to know any of them, except possibly Difool, icnal he just barely.

A Change of Path: Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “The Incal” – Los Angeles Review of Books

A Wilderness of Contradictions: Plus all the gorgeous and intense tripped-out art. Amazing art, vivid, fast-moving action.

It starts weird, and gets weirder, so it’s more important to just appreciate the unbridled creativity that Jodorowski and Moebius bring to life.

Jodorowsky did not like the change of the series to seduce young audience. Trivia About The Incal. Media All the Way Down: The Humanoids Publishing initial version of both The Incal and Before the Incal was recolored in a more modern style and had the nudity censored. The epic strangeness is unique. In his early years in Chile, he worked as a mime, clown, and theater director in Santiago. I see so many artists that I love within Moebius.


In a lot of ways, The Incal does what Jodorowski wasn’t able to do with his film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel. We must stop the shadow egg from devouring the sun! After a nearly year roundabout journey, the ideas that Jodorowsky conceived long ago for Dune may finally have a shot at reaching screens again.

Deepo, a sentient concrete bird; The Metabaron, the most powerful fighter in the universe; Solune, The Metabaron’s son of questionable origin; Wolfhead, hellbent on revenge; Animah, the beautiful rat queen and possible Goddess; and Tanatah, Animah’s sister and Queen of the Amoks.

All that said, The Incal is rad in the farthest reaches of the work.


The only positive thing about reading ical graphic novel is the illustrations and the color. Colossal scale but with attention to detail, really beautiful exotic environments with the necessary disregard of physics and it succeeded in immersing you in that degenerate galaxy.

Oni su onda od toga na kraju napravili The Incal. Other books in the series. I imagine moebiux artists reading the same pages that I was and falling in love with the style and later adopting it into their own.


His father chooses remodeling. Jodorowsky – i started reading only because of this name and what an excruciating pain it is to finish reading. I’d say The Incal is more about the journey and the ideas along the way than the destination. In DecemberHumanoids released a limited edition oversized hardcover edition of The Incalwith only copies printed. What I know is that I will certainly give it another chance.

That sounds about right. View all 5 comments. Smaller than the oversized hardcover edition they resemble it in that they restore the original colouring and remove the censorship.

,oebius I mention the far-future, near dystopian setting where most of humanity spends most of its time watching TV? Uglavnom projekt je propao i roman je inca, kraju ekranizirao David Lynch. Perhaps that was due to the translation from French, but unfortunately, unless I dedicate four years of my life to achieve mastery over that language, I will not learn first-hand if the quality in the dialogues was literally lost in translation.

May 23, Andrew rated it really liked it Shelves: The new reprinted of The Incal respectfully retains the original coloring which is especially nice since many reprints seem to replace the original color with some awful modern rendering.