Libro del desasosiego has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: Livro do Desassossego = The Book of Disquiet, Fernando PessoaThe Book of Disquie . Atribuida por su autor a Bernardo Soares, «personalidad literaria» de quien dijo Pessoa «soy yo menos el raciocinio y la afectividad», esta maravilla es el. Find great deals for Libro Del Desasosiego by Fernando Pessoa (Hardcover). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Wuthering Heights filled me with a sense of frustration so supreme that I could not finish. The prose demands it. The Book of Disquiet should be read slowly and thoughtfully, savored and sipped like fine wine.

When he died, his relatives saw these sheets of papers and 50 years after his death, this book was published. This is not something I do lightly. In the end I just had to stop. This book is something else.

At times I was 3-starring lbiro, especially toward the end, because it got to be a drag reading about all this “life is a dream” and “tedium again” and “death is better than life, only then I wouldn’t be able to bemoan psesoa, which is my bread and butter” stuff.

This book doesn’t tell standard story. Also abstraction for abstraction’s sake is a big turn-off. At least this prospect makes it good for a laugh or maybe even a dance.


He was each one of them, a mix of few of them, and none at all.

Cel has a fascination for changes in the weather. If indeed there is a difference in the amount of text, I imagine that much of it might have replicated what was included in the original version.

Curiously, though, I did not walk away from the book infuriated. What the fcuk is that? But how can one understand Pessoa when he himself never managed to do dedasosiego same? It was all the same to me some kvetching complaining about life and his life.

There is already considerable duplication in the work. The Flashes of contemplative brilliance amid a heap of questionably intellectual masturbation.

Libro Del Desasosiego by Fernando Pessoa (Hardcover)

The more the self can vanish as meaningless, the better. Seems Pessoa was famous for inventing different personas, then writing poetry to match their unique personalities. Quotes from Libro del desasos The rest, the remainder–being what wasn’t in his lone book or the sections occasionally tossed out to the public via easily discarded folios–was written almost in secret and kept in a trunk which was not discovered until after Fernando’s death.

What I’m getting at here is that I hav Oh Fernando. View all 16 comments. Ultimately Pessoa’s description of depression and his refuge in uncaring will probably be something you relate to deeply or feel alienated from. Highly recommended to all those who have the patience to know fragmented yet beautiful thoughts of an old philosophical man. I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted illegally.


Aloofness is not necessarily the hallmark of a formidable intellect. Or in what order he would have presented the work or novel, had he finished it.

Libro del desasosiego by Fernando Pessoa on Apple Books

I can’t flip through a hundred pages of poetry. Ryan I can think of a couple of reasons for this: He essentially invented multiple authors and wrote from their perspective. Life and the Abyss: Probably he seems to In your mind, picture an old man who dines in a nearby cafe everyday. To do this, he covers himself with an armour of desasosieg closer to him than the world’s facts and through which the facts, modified accordingly, reach him.

Iniciei o Desassossego em setembro de He works in an office as a bookkeeper, probably few years before his retirement. The wise shirk the disquiet Of other men’s existence, And defy successive tragedies With consummate indifference.