Elecraft T1 Miniature ATU for all Low-Power Transceivers product reviews by real people like you. Only at – is a Web site dedicated to ham. Elecraft Automatic Tuner, max 20W, ready built. Symmetrical Antennas with optional BalUn, Longwire with BNC/Banana Plug Adapter. Elecraft Automatic Tuner, max 20W, kit. Symmetrical Antennas with optional BalUn, Longwire with BNC/Banana Plug Adapter.

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To give you an idea of how small thing are look at this picture:.

Currently, only a ready built cable for the FT is available, but more will probably follow. If band data is available, it is used to load the last-used network values on each band. View all posts by Alexandru Csete. It wasn’t the most complex of builds, but was rather a rather tight fit in it’s compact case. The adapter is a great boon, allowing you to switch from band to band without tempting you to send a burst of spectrum-polluting RF to re-tune the antenna. Having the T1 in the familly for some weeks now it is really difficult to say anything bad about it.

This also applies when winding L I have the same setup, and I just send a string of dits. This was matched with a 1: You really need a fine-tip max 1. The used relays are of latching type and they will not consume any power except when tuning h1 in progress. I loved the tuner. The assembly of the main board took me approximately one and a half day including winding the coils. Elecrafy used a few different configurations of antenna and ran the rig at around 8 to 13 watts output Anyway, the remote controls capability from the FT works great.

  BOSCH VDN-240V03-1 PDF

As of writing, remote cable is only available for the FT, but the communication protocol is fully open and documented, and so one could build a elecrafh cable for his or her own QRP rig. It is much more interesting to try with some realistic portable antennas:.

I purchased it specifically for my portable kit that runs between 3 and 15 watts depending on the supplied voltage.

Automatiktuner Elecraft T1 kit version

I checked the output diodes to see if it had been over driven but they seemed fine. Elecraft recommends that a power of 2 to 5 watts is used for tuning, but the T1 will tune using as little as half a watt. My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help.

It is a kit, it is fun to build, it works good, it has excelent documentation, it is relatively cheap and it has open design with no secrets except maybe the firmware.

Eelcraft dont regret it at all.

Elecraft T1 Tuner failing to tune – Equipment – SOTA Reflector

My 5W signal received good reports, suggesting that the power is being radiated by the antenna, not dissipated in the tuner. Since I can’t see the point of using a great big computer to control a little tiny radio, I don’t regard it as much of a problem.

I have thought about designing eelcraft variant that is open at both sides so that one can use a standard household rubber-band, too – this will have a better grip, but can get lost which is why I decided against that route for the moment. Reading the power and swr using the three leds may seem a little funny at first sight.

Arduino – Elecraft T1 Interface

But at a third of the price of the ready-built ATU it’s a luxury some FT owners may decide to forego. Looking forward to meeting you folks on the hills and on air! Please share dlecraft experiences. The T1 can tell you both the power, swr and even warn you if is time to replace the 9V battery.


It’s also worth bearing in mind that, because g1 uses leecraft FT’s CAT port, you can’t use this adapter and connect the radio to a computer at the same time. After about a dozen surgeries in both my eyes, I am back to the point where I want to play with my radio again. The T1 uses 7 inductors and 7 capacitors in an L-network.

There were very minor circuit changes between the first and second edition 2Bs, nothing of any significance. Each inductor and capacitor has its own DPDT relay, with the individual sections of each relay placed in parallel for reliability.

To give you an idea of how small thing are look at this picture: Then I tested a 40 M Windom that was used in EF vertical and inverted L configurations weird I know, but it works great when trees are limited. When the band changes, it turns on the T1 and sends elecraf band information, allowing the antenna to be automatically tuned to the new band. It can be used with any 0.

Yaesu should have built something like this into the FT in the first place. Around the elscraft time, I started to go blind due to diabetic retinopathy.

The 3D files are now online at On masts with a very smooth surface, it may be better to use rubber band without a textile coating so that the tuner does not slide down. I’m looking forward to putting this little tuner into service in the coming years.