Procedurally generated landscape flyby demo with impressive graphics and audio, and oh yeah — a total size of four kilobytes! Absolutely. Nice 4k intro on the video but I didn’t manage to run it. I put the d3d9_dll in the intro’s dir but nothing to do. Maybe an issue with the latest. elevated by Rgba & TBC 4k intro (FullHD p demoscene demo) · 73 – You can see the demo at. (1) Fairlight & Prosonix & Offence – We Are.

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Future Crew did a better demo on a barebones x86 PC. All of the data is contained mostly generated in the 4K exe. Very nice landscapes, but the music is so-so. That technique is commonly used in the PC demoscene as well! Any reason Windows is preferred instead of Linux? Nobody else does this in 4k. I’m happy for you! The problem is that you need to include the decompressor code, but then you might need it for other bits anyway. Very nice, I love the tune, but it’s not going to change my life.

Works as sweet therapy. Although I knew about the concept of demo-making since about ten years ago, this impressive 4K demo is the one that led me to dig into watching demos.

It does draw a rough version of the terrain using actual geometry, which is then refined in a single quad render pass.

Quite – zeo-x-s 1 – They also made at around the same time.

Elevated by Rgba and TBC

Teragen in 4k with zik. This is the go to demo for me when I try to introduce people into the demoscene. You can always send me a mail look in my profile and we can try to figure out what’s failing.


A few examples of recent C64 demos: Just the terrain is missing In DX shaders are compiled offline into compact bytecode blobs that are provided to the driver. Other than the flashing sky, and one or two camera motions that are a bit too artificial, there are moments in this 4k where I feel like this is actually real.

Here is the thumb:. Remember me the flyby across the misty mountains from the beginning scene of the two towers LOTR.

elevated by Rgba & TBC | 4k intro (FullHD p demoscene demo) – video dailymotion

When I want to explain to someone what a demo is, I show them this, and then tell them that it’s smaller than an empty. Where are the greets to synesthetics? Tried to download the win7 version, but the dropbox file is giving a elveated. Is anybody else thinking “lux aeterna luceat eis meets Mojo Dreams”?

Raw wav data is fed into DirectSound, there is a simple synth in about lines of assembly which generates the music. Definitely going to check out the other articles. Ok, this is fucking good Pixelshader-Coder. But hey, thanks for the cdc, although I would ask you to remove it if you still think this is a demo. But these cameras that use the Y of the terrain and the music are a bit of a turn down: Frankly the best intro Ive ever seen.

We don’t need no operating system. The link above to the Windows 7 compatible elevted is broken pointing to a dropbox locationbut it can also be found in this Archive site: Check out our faq. That’s the first demo I ever saw. It will overwrite the original file. I like this so much I’m leaving eevated comment here. I was at BP09 and this intro together with Jesus Christ Motocross demo were absolute highlights of the party. That’s what makes it so impressive. The English language counts about 55 words to express something is good.


Elevated by Rgba and TBC

I have to agree with Cj, though I love the visuals as well. For me this is truly one of the best releases in the scene in years.

I think the word in the middle of the cloud sums it up best: At least I can give this my thumbtacular support, hoping it will exceed debris. So, Windows is providing the drivers. As simple as that, we don’t ask you to download anything if you don’t want, we just ask you to now watch it.

What’s the point of showing me big blocky texture mapped polygons in 4K when the YouTube rgga is only p?? Bit repetitive but try as I might, I just cannot piggy this! This is one of the demos I show to non-sceners when they ask about my hobby, and some even grasp what it means that elvated only 4K I hope it won’t be a 1-time collaboration guys! I’m sure that you all know why this is “unbelievably good” and such but for those of us who are not 4K geeks what ever that might be perhaps an explanation as to why this is more than ‘meh’ would be helpful.

We should cooperate again, Vienna style