Emco Unimat SL and DB Manual (English) – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. This wasn’t easy to find!. Pure chance brought me then to the Emco Unimat SL small machine tool from the seventies. On ebay I followed the offers and after some time I went for one offer. The Unimat covers a range commercially sold machines intended for machining and metalworking for model making hobbyists manufactured by the Emco Emco[edit]. Unimat DB, Unimat DB; Unimat SL, Unimat SL; Unimat 3.

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Sold: Emco Unimat SL Lathe with Accessories – Niels Machines

It is likely that more than one kind of handwheel was fitted on the production line, with some being of a slightly different diameter to others. However, as might be expected with such a popular little lathe, Sears Roebuck and Co. The motor bracket, later a neat die-cast affair, was a rather rough aluminium casting with only the holes machined. Late s tailstock and leadscrew handwheel wl. Some versions of this lathe have been found with two locking screws on the cross slide, one in the normal position nearer the unimxt and the other in line with it further back.

This is a new 12 VDC permanent magnet motor with variable speed. This example also has a ynimat screw on the cross slide. The “pea-green”, pre Emco brochure shows just such a machine, with the larger Dutch motor: To excite the anoraks amongst us, some six variations on the handle have so far come to light.

On earlier examples the hole was drilled though the shaft and a different type of locking bolt unimzt.

Unimat – Wikipedia

It may well be that some owners, frustrated by the absence of a carriage lock on their early machines, could have fitted their own – so it is impossible to be categorical on this point. The 3-jaw chuck and the drill chuck delivered with this lathe were identical to the ones supplied earlier, with the ring-scroll portion of the 3-jaw the part gripped to turn the scroll being diamond knurled and drilled with 6 Tommy-bar holes. It is likely that only two motors were used on this model: Looks like it may have only been used one or two times.


However, by the mid s the technical literature with USA-market machines was showing two motors: The first version of the W appears to have been based on a mid to late Mk.

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However, before fitting a remotely mounted sewing-machine motor as a replacement it is worthwhile dismantling the faulty unit and checking to see if the delta capacitor for commutator suppression buried inside the motor casing behind the rear of the armature, is faulty.

Retrieved 14 February Emco Unimat Model W: Nothing had broken or worn out and he was entirely delighted with it. This is a collection of enhancements for any of the Unimat 1 tools.

The entire body of the drill chuck unikat also given a distinctive and effective diamond-knurl finish. It must be emphasised that the manufacturer did not use these, el were the alterations given any publicity at the time. From an estate sale comes this uniMat Mini lathe comes with the original belt which has some wear on it but also comes with an O ring type belt as a replacement comes also with the an additional tool The ball races are grease lubricated – using oil will wash the grease out and foul up the inside of the motor, again promoting failure.

The belts are ready to be used and do not need to be cut, welded, fused or glued together. Apart from the very first examples, American-market machines were fitted with motors of a different design and size to those in Europe and possibly the rest of the world.

A recent discovery was a Mk. The vertical pillar was The ES and ER collets have 8, 12 or more slots and a collapse range of about. The motor was a U90 type and the finish either a pale grey-green hammer effect, or plain grey. A pin, screwed in through the left-hand face of the casting, engaged against the cone, and drew the headstock down and locked it in place.

Emco Unimat SL – Helicopters, pocket watches, helicopter flight simulation and more.

However, one measured has been discovered to have an OD 0. In comparison with later machines the drive pulleys exhibited several significant differences: Eventually to be distributed world-wide – with importers using a variety of badges on the headstock – the first known advertisement for what was to become known as the DB in the USA, and SL in Europe, has been traced to page 60 in the October, issue of Model Railroader Magazine and placed by the original American importer Plasticast of Chicago, Illinois and Palo Alto, California.


Late s carriage with a single locking screw on the cross slide, wasp-tail handles and crude, cast-in degree marking on the feed-screw handwheels. In order no doubt to give the unit a “machine-tool” or “technical” appearance it was finished, apart from the black-varnished field-lamination area, in an attractive crackle-black paint to match the lathe.

Retrieved from ” https: Unimats of this age were also given a more robust carriage assembly with the whole of the casting, including the front and back walls through which the way-bars passed, noticeably thickened.

Unimat SL1000

The first example used a crude system, similar to that employed in a bicycle hub, with crowded loose balls contained between cones with the single-groove drive pulley held in place overhung, at the left-hand end of the cartridge by an M nut, the adjustment of which was used to set the bearing unmiat.

Constructed as a one piece casting, the first tailstock had a distinctive spindle-retaining nut, just inboard of the handwheel, and a very pronounced rearward cantilever to maximize the machine’s limited between-centres’ capacity.

The original belts were in the form of coiled-steel wire “springs”, not an ideal material to run against aluminium.

Although this model carried a badge with the designation “SL” in recent years some of Elliott’s unikat advertising literature has caused confusion – they unwisely invented a model designation ” Unimat hnimat ” nine machine in one when really they should just have listed it using ” Emco Unimat SL “.

A later offering was a “slow-speed” bracket with two idler pulleys designed to allow much lower revolution and so make more effective use of the “chase-type” screwcutting attachment.