Emocionalna inteligencija has ratings and reviews. Taka said: Descriptive but not very practical–The main and only thesis of the book is. Društvene sposobnosti TRE I DIO PRIMIJENJENA EMOCIONALNA INTELIGENCIJA 9. Intimni neprijatelji Kako izlaziti na kraj sa srcem Um i medicina.

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Emotional Intelligence is a set of skills that enable you to recognize and manage emotions — both your own feelings and those of other people.

I found the occassional useful nugget but buried away – for example, the analysis of how arguments particularly between women and men can degenerate into personal criticism vs.

However, this book reads like a doctorate thesis. Mozaik knjiga first published There are some interesting things in the book, things that are hard to disagree with, such as emotional skills and self-knowledge are important.

Older IQ tests assumed that intelligence was easily measured and that there was a single kind of intelligence. I can because we still emociobalna in that world.

The EQ theory has many of the same flaws as theories of IQ. Emotional intelligence is a very interesting topic to me and the author is an expert on the subject.

Emocionalna Inteligencija, Danijel Goleman | Nina Cakic –

Goleman loves to criticize those that don’t fit in or are different annnd he Intwligencija to fat shame people, often times describing people who don’t need to be physically described at all with nothing else but a description of their weight.

Author points out to a problem of lack of emotional literacy education, which I still find to be an issue after all those years – at least in Poland.

As for me, I prefer the emotional regulation system developed by Marsha Linehan. It is here that I found Goleman’s ideas to be particularly objectionable.

I guess I was asking for this when I read a book published in the 90s Well it is because i don;t think Goleman understands the research that he uses to support his ideas. Book first explains the anatomy of the Brain functioning too much technical and then social and real life aspects of various emotions and their linkages with brain functioning.


If they succeed in something, praise them for their efforts and for showing self-control.

Recent literature and studies show nurture, how a child is raised, has a huge influence on anxiety and depression. This day and age I think very few people still need convincing that there is such a thing as emotional intelligence; we al I’m wondering whether this book is perhaps a bit outdated. Compared to IQ, it is a better predictor of academic success, job performance and life success. Books by Daniel Goleman. Unless one has access to a person’s psychiatric records, it is always extremely problematic to make all but the most qualified claims about the psychology of historical figures.

Firstly, I don’t agree with the title emociionalna the emocjonalna. We need every aspect of intelligence and not just have a push-pull relationship like ‘This is important but oh, this matters less that THAT intelligence”. A difficult book to review and my 2 stars are an honest reflection on what I gained personally from reading the book, rather than what the world gained from the book having been written. The ability to control impulse is the base of will and character” xxiibut we would never say eemocionalna an intellectually unintelligent person was less moral than one with a high IQ.

While I don’t recommend this book, I do recommend that you read any of Dr I have owned this book for over a decade and ingeligencija now finally made time to read it.

Under Goleman’s narrow definition, people with autism, even many on the high-functioning end of the spectrum, would not qualify as possessing a desirable EQ level, neither would the introvert who prefers books to people. It makes a powerful and scientific argument exploring the importance of emotional education. For a better review on the book itself I would commend this one by another reviewer https: He acknowledges this distinction in his thesis, that “while there are those who argue that IQ cannot be changed He then spends pages failing to prove it.


I wanted more tips on emotional intelligence than I wanted to read exampled about it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

It’s only Western Civilization that has propagated the belief that IQ is the scale to judge people inteliigencija.

Reading some of the reviews form others on Good reads, I see that I am not alone in my disappointment.

No trivia or quizzes yet. I have owned this book for over a decade and just now finally made time to read it.

Emocionalna inteligencija : zašto može biti važnija od kvocijenta inteligencije

Reading it is like hacking your way through a dense jungle with a dull machete. Iinteligencija don’t know,I just came to hate anything emotion-related.

Most of the contents in the books seemed unnecessary to me. Her face grows taut, her brows knit in a frown, and she replies, “The kids are having a good time. It was a best-seller, though, which proves that many, many people liked it. I’m wondering inteligenciua this book is perhaps a bit outdated.

I need a map to fully recognize the sequence of the book.

After the sixth visit, I decided not to consult her any more. For example, the claim that rape has increased in recent years belies the fact that incest was so prevalent in the past that Sigmund Freud instead of believe all of the women who came to him to report they had been raped by their father in the past chose to disbelieve all of them, and instead decided all of these victims had made up their experiences because they secretly wanted to have sex with their fathers.

Goleman totally turns the results upside down. I think a lot of people who liked this book focused on that self-help aspect.