ENOVIA SmarTeam is a leading solution for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM ), enabling mid-market businesses and engineering departments of larger. ENOVIA SmarTeam manages various file formats including CAD data, Bills of Material and Office-type documents, storing them in an easily accessible secure. The ENOVIA SmarTeam family of products have been developed in collaboration with companies throughout the world and deliver a toolset that extends well.

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Skarteam SmarTeam provides collaborative offerings focused on product development processes supporting design, engineeringand enterprise activities. They can also work with logically linked product structure, and automate revision and version control.

SmarTeam Design Express for Multi-CAD: SolidEdge™

See the Benefits of Expressing your Vision. They can participate in collaborative processes across enterprise departments, such as for regulatory compliance. Everyone involved can benefit from full visualization of relevant product knowledge and a resulting enhanced decision-making process. Unlike traditional PLM solutions requiring significant time, cost and process change to deploy, ENOVIA SmarTeam has been developed with years of experience and expertise serving the mid-market; SmarTeam Engineering Express incorporates this knowledge in a cost-effective and quick-to-implement item-centric PLM engineering solution that fits the budget, time and mind-set of mid-market manufacturers.

Users can securely manage, search, retrieve, and view all product data, and can work with logically linked product structure and automate revision and version control. Combining engineering best practices with automated workflows, management of every type of data and easy exchange with your ERP in one out-of-the-box solution simplifies your day-to-day work and speeds time to market!

Users can c entrally store, integrate, and manage all product data with advanced version control and searching. Users can browse, view, search, print, and share engineering drawings and documentation. To develop smarrteam successfully today, companies must maximize innovative features to beat competition while minimizing production costs to ensure profitability.


As products have evolved from stand-alone goods to families of products, often incorporating many kinds of products in one, they involve increased production time, cost, part and manufacturing process complexity. It optimizes BOM management to significantly accelerate product launches and decreases the number and duration of costly change management processes. This website uses cookies to improve user experience.

Products and their manufacture have become increasingly complex, multiplying the challenges facing product engineers in smafteam day-to-day processes. They can manipulate product structure via multiple configuration views, advanced filtering and business logic. A Solid Foundation for Collaboration. Data is accessible across multiple disciplines, both throughout an enterprise and across a supply chain.

They can also integrate external partners within their business processes and selectively publish data seen by community users.

Product Lifecycle Management PLM solutions can meet these challenges, but are often so demanding to implement and maintain that they become more trouble than benefit. The solution offers comprehensive management of the product structure. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Users can centrally store, integrate, and manage all product data with advanced ennovia control and searching.

ENOVIA™ PLM Solutions – Dassault Systèmes®

In a Design Collaboration scenario the participating roles are the Designer, the Editor and the Community member, whereby the domain focus is the designer, and design collaboration can also take place among a group of local or remote designers only, without necessarily including community members.

Users can also integrate external partners within their business processes, and selectively publish data seen by community users.


A Review by TechniCom. Working together smarter, you smartsam launch your products faster. Enabling design, engineering, and enterprise collaboration ENOVIA SmarTeam provides collaborative offerings focused on product development processes supporting design, engineeringand enterprise activities.

Users can create communities for managing external partners, and can access data easily in an intuitive smartwam environment. Roll out quickly, gradually and modularly expand at your own pace. Engineering Collaboration ENOVIA SmarTeam Engineering Collaboration seamlessly combines cross-departmental smxrteam activities throughout the product lifecycle into a unified environment for effective data management and sharing among various organisational roles. They can easily reconcile partner-modified data in a PLM environment.

Companies can scale up to enable collaboration across global organisations or supply chains, according to enovja needs. Enterprise Collaboration The Enterprise Collaboration user role extends the engineering collaboration role by adding products to support a global enterprise. Quick to implement; easy to learn — with a small investment; low risk and simple deployment Maximizes control of engineering processes — with standardized business processes Enhances collaboration — with enhanced communication and smarrteam product development for faster time-to-market Improves accuracy — with effective and fast reuse of existing data Accelerates product launches — with higher productivity at a lower cost; increased profitability and return on investment ROI.

While managing global suppliers, markets and customers, you must also accelerate responsiveness to bids, change requests and time to market, without adversely affecting product quality, selection, cost, and delivery schedules.