Never before has the quest to balance the needs of people, the environment, and the economy been so important. While sustainability has. The Environmental and Economic Sustainability of Carbon. Capture and Storage. Paul E. Hardisty 1,2,*, Mayuran Sivapalan 3 and Peter. Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Hardisty, Paul E; Format: Book; xxi, p.: ill. ; 25 cm.

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Initial reservoir identification and characterization costs are typically in the range of USD 25 m to m. Two of the largest and most successful projects have been offshore, both in Norway, where a sustainabilitu and long-standing carbon pricing mechanism since has helped to drive development of CCS. However, during that same period, on a global scale, the tangible effects of actions taken to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases GHG have been minimal. Commonwealth of Australia; Canberra, Australia: Costs to the global economy of inaction are permanent, irreversible, and catastrophic.

That means that CCS must deliver consistent environmental and social benefits which exceed its costs of capital, energy and operation; it must be protective of the environment and human health over the long term; and it must be suitable for deployment on a significant scale. In other industries, such as LNG, a number of other alternatives are available for carbon emission reduction. External Costs and Benefits This analysis, for a real facility, using technology available now, shows that under present sustainabioity positions, retrofitting existing coal-fired power stations is a not financially viable proposition for operators.

Environmental and economic sustainability / Paul E. Hardisty | National Library of Australia

What has been lacking, so far, is the political, social, and economic will to deploy these existing technologies e.hardistj scale. This is particularly useful when examining the sustainability of options. Sustainability in theTwentyFirst Century. While sustainability has been widely taken up by governments and business, the world has continued to move in increasingly unsustainable directions, from continued dependence on fossil energy Action has been slow and insufficient because we do not want to pay the price of action.

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Garnaut [ sustainabiliyy ]. CCS is one of environemntal more expensive and technically challenging carbon emissions abatement options available, and CCS must first and foremost be considered in the context of the other things that can be done to reduce emissions, as a part of an overall optimally efficient, sustainable and economic mitigation plan. Transport and Storage A permitted and available geo-sequestration site was assumed to exist approximately km from the power station.

Associated benefits from GHG reductions environmmental also significant. Background—Technology, Policy, Economics Carbon capture and storage CCS is one of a host of technical solutions that are currently available for reducing global emissions of greenhouse gases GHG to the atmosphere, and thus curb the longer term effects of anthropogenic climate change.

Description Table of Contents.

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New search User lists Site feedback Ask a librarian Help. Capture A wide range of currently available capture technologies was considered. By capturing some of the CO 2 from the reservoir gas, the CO 2 level is reduced to 2. It demonstrates how to communicate with stakeholders in a transparent process which provides a robust view of how various options compare over a wide range of possible future conditions, using e.hardishy language that everyone understands: In the Library Request this item to view in the Library’s reading rooms using your library card.

Nevertheless, it is clear, from a macro-economic perspective, that the world is far better off with concerted action to achieve sustainabklity cuts in GHG emissions than it would be otherwise.

While there are many different ways for the power and energy industries to eliminate carbon emissions to atmosphere, they come at radically different costs, and produce different benefits to society. Management of produced water in the oil and gas industry in the Middle East Management of wastewater in a water utility in Australia Paaul generation and carbon management in an energy sustainabiloty in Australia Remediation of contaminated gas works in the UK Energy savings and carbon management in heavy oil processing.

Environmental and Economic Sustainability

CO2 is removed from the gas stream and piped about km back to the field for injection through a dedicated well. As will be discussed below, sustainabillity of the reason for the leadership of the gas sector in CCS is that the marginal cost of applying CCS in this sector is generally significantly lower than in other sectors, particularly coal-fired power generation [ 12 ]. Syngas production and pre-combustion capture Cases 5, 6 and 7 by steam methane reforming have the highest fuel gas use, highest CAPEX and a much poorer emission performance than environmeental post-combustion capture cases Cases 2, 3 and 4.


Assumptions for key parameters. These studies largely focus on the benefits as damage avoided to the man-made economy of climate change mitigation.

Firms of all kinds must seek to maximise profit so that they can remain in business and deliver shareholder returns. But there is a fundamental difference between the value of something and its price.

CCS options involve various combinations of pre- versus post-combustion capture, central power station and direct drive, and retrofit versus new build installation. eeconomic

Increased funding for research and development of new breakthroughs in carbon capture technology could substantially improve the viability of CCS in the coming years. Retrofitting existing coal-fired power plants, however, is more expensive and technically challenging, and the economic sustainability of envieonmental capture retrofit needs to be compared on a portfolio basis to the relative overall net ennvironmental of CCS on new-build plants, where energy efficiency can be optimised as a first step, and locations can be selected with sequestration sites in mind.

The problem is that capture and geologic storage of CO 2 is generally considered to be expensive. Mitigation of Climate Change. The Bookshelf application offers access: This is an important finding with respect to longer-term capital investment decisions. In the context of current estimates of the social cost of carbon, CCS does not appear to be viable for managing emissions from facility liquefaction and compression.

Globally, there are 62 active or planned commercial scale integrated CCS projects, comprising capture, transport and sequestration elements, sequestering over 1 Mtpa CO 2 [ 11 ].