Why does epydoc render one of my epytext-formatted docstrings as plaintext? How can I exclude a specific object from the generated documentation?. The epytext markup language is used by epydoc to parse docstrings and create In particular, the following docstring generates an error, since the sublist is not . Epydoc can automatically generate a variety of graphs, including class tress, package trees, uml class graphs, and import graphs. These graphs may be.

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To customize the output, click on the Options arrow at the bottom of the window. A description of the static class variable v. The command line interfacewhich is accessed via a script named epydoc or epydoc. I think that maybe I am missing latex but I am not very familliar with tex and latex. This is a description of the parameter x to a function.

If this executable is not on the path, then use –dotpath to specify its location. Epydoc uses that formatting and structure to produce nicely formatted API documentation. An object’s docsting is fenerate by including a string constant as the first statement in the object’s definition.

What’s New in Epydoc

The following sections describe how to use each type of block structure. If you want to include bullet-like text in a paragraph, then you must either ensure that it is not at the beginning of the line, or use escaping to prevent epytext from treating it as markup:. The underline character used for this section heading does not indicate an appopriate section level.

For examples of source code pages, see the API Documentation for epydoc follow the show source link from any documented module, class, or function.


For example, consider the following example:. Epydoc creates a page named ” redirect. Epydoc considers class variables the ones defined directly defined in the class body.

The following example illustrates how index terms can be used:. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. For a list of the CSS classes used by epydoc, see the default stylesheet. Improvements to Output Generation New output formats: The graphical interface can be invoked with the epydocgui command, or with epydoc.

Epydoc: Frequently Asked Questions

Epydoc LaTeX Style Reference Additionaly, you may find it useful to look at the builtin style files that epydoc provides: Each field consists of a tagan optional argumentand a epgdoc. Each child must have equal indentation, and that indentation must be greater than or equal to the heading’s indentation. You can specify which stylesheet should be used using the –css command-line option.

No descr, No type epydoc. For example, if a revision tag has been defined with:. These consolidated fields may be written using either a bulleted list or a definition list. This is another ordered list item. Sections A section consists of a heading followed by one or more child blocks.

python – How to generate pdf with epydoc? – Stack Overflow

If no module is specified, and the directive is used in a module’s docstring, then that module’s import graph will be displayed. Indentation is used to encode the nesting structure of hierarchical blocks.

Epydoc also understands docstrings written in reStructuredTextJavadoc, and plaintext. The epydoc script can be used to check the completeness of the reference documentation. Epydoc fpydoc the information obtained from these two methods to provide more complete and accurate documentation. For a list of additions that we’d like to make to Epydoc, see the epdoc list in the Epydoc reference documentation ; or the SourceForge feature request tracker and bug tracker.


The Epytext Markup Language

Epydoc can be used to create hyperlinks from your package documentation towards objects defined in the API of other packages. A condition that is guaranteed to be true after an object is used. This a second list item. Email Required, but never shown.

Fields are used to describe specific properties of a documented object. Fields must be placed at the end of the docstring, after the description of the object.

Alases for this option include “objects” and “values”. See the Javadoc reference manual for more information about how the see field is encoded in Javadoc.

The field tag tag was generaate with an argument, but it does not take one. For example, some of the warnings generated when checking the completeness of the documentation for epydoc’s private objects are: Epydoc can automatically generate a variety of graphs, including class tress, package trees, uml class graphs, and import graphs.

An index term is a term that should be included in the index. The second item of the sublist has its own own sublist. Example epydocc, you can put backquotes around your test, typing:.

If type information is available about attributes via the type fieldthen those types are displayed as separate classes, and the attributes are displayed as associations. Epydoc can also be accessed programmatically; see epydoc’s API documentation gendrate more information.

In addition, two special escape codes are defined: I’d like to help! How can I make epydoc go faster?