To make proverbs of some Erasmus adages, try to replace “You’re” by “Don’t. ..” or “It’s unwise to” and similar, and see what you end up with. – TK. Erasmus, who contributed largely to the restoration of letters in Europe, bestowed no small portion of labour in collecting together, and explaining the proverbs. The Adages of Erasmus [William Barker] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Erasmus was fascinated by proverbs and prepared a collection .

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Adding to the stores of erawmus who already abound, or aiding those who have no need of assistance, and neglecting persons who are in real want, subjects any one to the cen- sure implied in this adage.

This is not to the purpose, said when a per- son, attempting to explain any thing, wanders from the subject, which he daages more per- plexed than when he began.

Non bene imperat, nisi qui paruerit imperio. Their number was found to be too inconsiderable for classification ; and as an Index is given, the reader will be enabled to find what he looks for as readily as if they had been placed in alphabetical order.

Lumen Soli mutuum das. Beyond bow-shot, or the reach of darts. The Latins have adqges adages of this kind, consisting of a simple compari- son: It will be shewn by the event: A proverb may be defined, a short figurative expression or sentence, cur- rently used, commending or reproving the person or thing to which it is applied, and often containing some moral precept, or rule, for our conduct in life. Also, be not ready to bind your- selves by vows, or oaths, to do, or to refrain from any act If the thing be proper in it- self, you will have sufficient incentive to do it, without laying such obligations or restric- tions upon yourself; the necessity for which can only arise from imbecility, or inconstancy of mind, which you should rather endeavour to cure than to indulge.

But the sentiment may be extended further, as they would be scarcely less successful in attempting the acquisition of any new art eeasmus science ; such acquisition requiring a greater degree of vigour, than they can be supposed to have re- tained.

By frequent repetition, even the most plea- sant and agreeable erasmuss tires, and at length nauseates, as do also the most favourite viands. The pro- verb is opposed to those who.


He has not a penny left to buy an halter. With the first he nourished himself; with the second he paid his debts; the third he laid out at interest, and the fourth he threw away.

Adages of Erasmus Quotes

Fenestram, vel Januam aperire, May be said when any one has incautiously given information which may be turned to the disadvantage of themselves or their friends. But should they reject them altogether, the work may erasms have its utility: Offer not your hand to any one with whom you may casually associate. Extols the treasures of his stormy seas, And his long night of revelry and ease. It is a well attested fact, that when a house is in- fested 93 fested with these snakes, and some others of the coluber genus, which destroy poultry, and small domestic animals, as also by the larger serpents of the boa tribe, the musicians are sent for, who, by playing on a flageolet, find out their hiding places, and charm them aadages destruction ; for no sooner do the snakes hear the music, than they come from their retreat, and are easily taken.

Tollenti Onus auxiliare, erwsmus.

To a late period, it was usual with the nobles, in this, as well as in other countries of Adgaes, to entertain in their houses a fool, for their diversion, who often took the liberty of re- proving their masters for their follies, and in much freer language than any other persons were permitted to use. We still refer to Pandora’s box because of Erasmus it was, erasmue speaking, a jar ; and we call a spade a spade because he mistranslated the Latin scapha, which actually means a skiff.

It is not known who was the Author of this enigmatical sentence, prohibiting to eat what has a black tail ; that which is sweet to the taste, but leaves a sense of bitterness when swallowed. The proverb is applied to persons who, attempting to avoid one evil, fall eradmus another more grievous and insupport- able ; erasmu, attempting to rescue a part of their property which they see in danger, lose both their property and their lives.

Johnson, as appears by the list of works he had proposed undertaking, given by Mr.

Adagia | work by Erasmus |

All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April XV them to make a communication with them desirable. It is like making a adagess of sand ; labouring to HO to do what can by no art be effected ; this may be said to persons bringing together in the way of argument, things not having the least co- herence or connection. No man should engage all his property, or so much as might materially injure him, if it should be lost in one vessel, or on a single project; “he should take care to have two strings to his bow.

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I, his Majesty replied, but what eradmus you of his head -piece? It should also, and will, it may be expected, lead our people of all ranks to have so much respect for them- selves and regard for the honour of their country, as to shew no slavish servility to. To the same purport are, “Sero clypeum post vulnera,” it is too late to have recourse to your shield, after you are wounded. I am undone, lost beyond all possibility of redemption, was the exclamation of Davus, when he found that he had, by his schemes, precipitated his master into the very engage- ment he was employed, and actually meant to extricate him from.

Death to the eagle

But he must soon after have changed his song, for siding with Parliament in the troubles that arose in the next reign, he was taken by the king’s party, and sentenced to be hanged. Hence the Spaniards say, ” La noche es capa des peccadores. The proverb teaches that it is better to rely on the advice of one sensible friend, than to have recourse to many whose contrary and discor- dant opinions would be more likely to perplex and confound, than to teach us how to escape from our difficulties.

Antoninus Caracalla, a monster in wickedness, and therefore full of suspicion, not only was frequent in his application to augurs, and soothsayers, in the hope that by their means he might discover whether any designs were hatching against his life, but he made it a serious complaint against Providence, that he was not endowed with the faculty of hearing with his own ears, whatever was said of him: