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A higher grade means a girl is worth more. Wed Oct 25, At first she was thankful for her uncle erennisch letting her stay with him after her parents died, and giving him the money every month seemed like the right thing to do.

So I can imagine words like: Anna, the sexy foreign exchange student with a vicious taste for young schoolgirls, enjoys her life in a small town high school. She tried to walk quietly down the school hallway so she could slip into class without Danny noticing. I hope you enjoy your time with us here.

Erenisch Comics Forum • View topic – Words a Girl Might Hear Before Sale

As the servants have no legal rights, there are no limits on the services the young prostitutes can be ordered to perform on their owners or limits to what their owners can do to them…. No actual toons were harmed in the making of this comic.

I will explain why. Your body is a shell. So a girl might expect rather than being classed as a fatty ereniech being a flat chested stick insect, as being told they are edenisch grade c or d slave. Fri Oct 20, 8: I think I just wrote another comic right there Tue Jan 23, 2: One day she makes a grave mistake of teasing one of her classmates too much, and ends up naked and erdnisch in his sound-proof basement.


Extreme Drawings

With its passage, women were suddenly a commodity to be bought and sold. Young women who were trapped back there were easy targets for the guys with raging hormones. So families who see a daughter as an asset sitting at the end of the dinner table, are more likely to keep her in shape for sale day. Starve her for a week before we put her on the block.

Goes into my project file. Mon Oct 23, A big topic could be the order the girls are sold at. Keep this one aside, we can pitch her out as a freebie to keep the crowd in order Think something like that was in one of the Slave Fair comics, but that was offhand and a complete surprise for the girl.

You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum. There’s a lot of misogyny in my comics, szle I draw the line at weight-shaming If you think of it weight-shaming would not be as big of a thing in that world as it is in this world.


Safety from other guys, but not him!

I guess they could hear things like: I think in this world a girl will have a hard time only if she has anything smaller than double D titties, and bad fellatio skills. But then again that is just szle way of seeing it. Thu Oct 19, 4: Mon Dec 31, 8: I’d like Cinderella in reverse: Some girls go straight to auction or to sale, but there would be some held in pens before sale, like livestock.

Its also possible that a good sales man can start some kind of compitition between the slaves. All the girls who pass the standard inspection are almost perfect in the comics. A thought occurred to me and I thought Erennisch would share.

Fansadox collection 271 for sale by Erenisch.

In less than two weeks the school year will come to an end and fresh faced graduates will be unleashed to find their way in the big world.

The school day is over! While most of them might be scared, a few of them could hope to get bought by people they know, hoping for a not so hard future. The girls eventually reach the big city and take refuge in a small den of thieves.