The Instruction Erga Migrantes Caritas Christi was presented to journalists at the Holy See Press Office on Friday, 14 May, by Cardinal Stephen Fumio Hamao. Instruction: Erga Migrantes Caritas Christi – The Love Of Christ Towards Migrants [Pontifical Council] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Erga Migrantes Caritas Christi: the Love of Christ Towards Migrants (Vatican Documents) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Migration as seen with the eyes of faith. Ethnic and cultural pluralism in the Church is not just something to be tolerated because it is transitory, it is a structural dimension. The diocesan or eparchial bishop shall also consider unbaptised migrants as entrusted to him in the Lord and, with respect for their freedom of conscience, shall offer them too the possibility of coming to the truth that is Christ.

The latter continues to be the decisive organ of the solicitude of the Church for migrants. These include pastoral structures which must also be apt to guarantee communion between pastoral agents in the field of migration and the local hierarchy in the receiving country.

OR 6 Septemberp. At the same time they proclaim salvation for all, witnessing even in the chaotic events and contradictions of human history, that God continues to work out his plan of salvation until all things are brought together in Christ cf.

From this perspective, attention is also given to inter-religious dialogue. GS 92 and brings out the value of migrations from the point of view of ecumenism and missionary work and dialogue This calls for well designed forms of welcome and pastoral activity, that is, continuous, thorough and adapted as closely as possible to the actual situation and specific needs of the migrants. Whenever this is done, these parishes will juridically form an integral part of the Latin diocese, and the parish priests of the aforementioned rite will be members of the diocesan presbyterate of the Latin bishop.

Pastoral units 76which came into being some time ago in some dioceses, might in future constitute a pastoral platform for the apostolate among immigrants too.

Erga Migrantes Caritas Christi

Even just a simple greeting is one of these. The Pontifical Council directly addresses Episcopal Conferences and their respective Councils, the corresponding episcopal structures in the Eastern Catholic Churches concerned, and also individual bishops and hierarchs.

GS 65 and 66 and to realise the influence that emigration has on life. The cultural heritage of each ethnic group acquires special bonds with the Christian message that enable the group to embody it. Many of them in fact could make an appreciable contribution to the erva care of migrants because they have members with different types of formation, coming from various countries, whom it would be relatively simple to transfer abroad.


This is a new chapter in the history of slavery.

The love of Christ towards migrants urges us cf. The Magisterium has likewise always denounced social and economic imbalances that are, for the most part, the cause of migration, the dangers of an uncontrolled globalisation in which migrants are more the victims than the protagonists of their migration, and the serious problem of irregular immigration, especially when the migrant is an object of trafficking and exploitation by criminal organisations The emigration of family nuclei and women is particularly marked by suffering.

This would make a real contribution to reducing and checking the flow of a large number of migrants from populations in difficulty. Today, especially in certain countries, there is a high or growing percentage of Muslim immigrants, for whom this Pontifical Council also expresses its solicitude. It was entrusted with the care of all who have been forced to abandon their homeland, as well as those who have none refugees and exilesmigrants, nomads and circus people, seafarers both aboard ship and in port, all who are away from home and those working in airports or on airplanes All this reveals important theological and pastoral insights.

People on the Move 48 Erga migrantes caritas Christi The love of Christ towards migrants. Thus, it was necessary in the process of the immigrants’ integration into the host society to reject both their passive assimilation and an a-critical integration, damaging both to the individual and to the ethnic group. The Church and Christians, sign of hope Mention should also be made of the need to provide specific pastoral assistance for technicians, professional workers and foreign students temporarily resident in countries where the majority of the population is Muslim or of another faith.

This means giving them access to essential goods, work and wages, home and school and enabling them to participate in the life of civil society elections, associations, recreational activities, etc. That would guarantee essential services, including those related to a particular type of culture and piety, and at the same time promote openness and interaction among the territorial community and the various ethnic groups.

EEu 51, 73 and also PaG It stressed the responsibility of the local Church to assist immigrants and suggested that the local clergy be given specific preparation for this, linguistically, culturally and pastorally. All the history of the Church illustrates its passion and its holy zeal for this humanity on the move.


In the foreigner a Christian sees not simply a neighbour, but the face of Christ Himself, who was born in a manger and fled into Egypt, where he was a foreigner…. With regard to principles, the Document affirms that assistance should be provided by priests of the same nationality as the immigrants, or who speak the same language; they must also be properly trained and work under the authority of the local Ordinary; local pastors must show the same concern for immigrants that is required of them in their ordinary pastoral duties in the territory.

This means that for Christians it is not all that important where they live geographically 10while a sense for hospitality is natural to them.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. In religious instruction, however, all must be educated to respect persons of different religious convictions but relativism must be avoided.

Erga Migrantes Caritas Christi | Society of African Missions

It emphasizes a vast range of values and behaviour hospitality, solidarity, sharing and the need to reject all sentiments and manifestations of xenophobia and racism on the part of host communities The growing number of Christian immigrants not in full communion with the Catholic Church offers particular Churches new possibilities of living ecumenical fraternity in practical day-to-day life and of achieving greater reciprocal understanding between Churches and ecclesial communities, something far from facile irenicism or proselytism.

Whenever the possibility exists, it should be kept in mind that the migrants are free to choose whether they wish to belong to the territorial parish where they are living or to the personal parish. Inculturation, cultural and religious pluralism The Church of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council Welcome and solidarity Liturgy and popular piety Catholic migrants Eastern Rite Catholic migrants Migrants of other Churches and Ecclesial Communities Migrants of other religions in general Four matters calling for particular attention Muslim migrants Interreligious dialogue.

The chaplain entrusted with a missio cum cura animarumalways observing due distinctions, is juridically equivalent to a parish priest and performs his functions together with the local parish priest. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?