The Anatomy of Human. Destructiveness. Erich Fromm. HOLT, RINEHART AND WINSTON. New York Chicago San Francisco. In a world in which violence in every form seems to be increasing, Erich Fromm has treated this problem with deep perception in the most. The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness has ratings and 63 reviews. Raya راية said: ما دام المرء يعتقد أن الإنسان الشرير يحمل قرنين، فإنه لن يكتشف شر.

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On the contrary, the sick individual finds himself at home with all other similarly sick individuals. Saya rasa bila Anda masih di tahap awal mempelajari psikologi seperti saya saat membaca buku iniAnda tidak akan terlalu pusing mengikuti bahasan buku setebal halaman ini.

The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness

Once in a while I would listen to the radio–most memorably for WFMT’s multipart lecture by Erich Fromm on human aggressiveness, a series which led to the purchase of his book on the subject.

This hope is not passive and it is not patient, on the contrary, it is impatient and active, looking for every possibility of action within the realm of real possibilities. The position at the club was a peach.

The end pages of Fromm’s analysis of Hitler bear the warning of “the fallacy which prevents people from recognizing potential Hitlers before they have shown their true faces. Fromm wished to discuss how modern man came to be more dromm Most people run away from the stimuli, unless they have or think they have no other choice – just like animals.

Situations in the Second World War feature ‘the technicalization of destruction, and with it the removal of the full affective recognition of what one is doing. Fromm actually makes psychology understandable, even this dark side. Sep 05, John G.

Want to Read saving…. My library Help Advanced Book Search. I wished to have read a shorter and less theoretical work of his as my first book from him, but this is a masterpiece of thought and analysis.


Erich Fromm – The Anatomy Of Human Destructiveness

Only when men could create material things by intellect, i. If the person has failed to grow Be the first one to write a review. In the last part of this text, he discusses, “Malignant Aggression: Sociology, University of Heidelberg,was a psychoanalyst and social philosopher who explored the interaction between psychology and society, and held various professorships in psychology in the U. This humanist radicalism goes to the roots, and thus to the causes; it seeks to liberate man from srich chains of illusions; it postulates that fundamental changes are thee, not only in our economic and political structure but also in our values, in our concept of man’s aims, and in our personal conduct.

Goodreads helps you destructiveneess track of books you want to read.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Namun, bila Anda bisa menerima detail itu sebagai ‘evidence’, Anda akan bisa melihat bahwa Fromm memiliki banyak bukti dstructiveness premisnya: View all 10 comments. Account Options Sign in.

The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness by Erich Fromm

The whole culture is geared to this kind of pathology. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Nearly all of us aren’t like them. We need to create the conditions that would make the growth of man, this unfinished and uncompleted being – unique in nature – the supreme goal of all social arrangements. Books by Erich Fromm. The situation of mankind today is too serious to permit us to listen to the demagogues – least of all demagogues who are attracted to destruction – or even to the leaders who use only their brains and whose hearts have hardened.

Although deeply indebted to Freud, Fromm emphasizes social and cultural factors as well. In the second part, my favorite, Fromm discusses human psychology and society in an evolutionary context.


I’ve read this one several times and often re-read specific parts. Marx, on the other hand, saw people as determined by their society, and most especially by their economic systems. Can you imagine that tiger and lion are second to house-cat? The Anatomy Of Human Destructiveness” by Erich Fromm, it is becoming apparent that malignant aggression is based on the desire to be destructive in order to express an unhappiness.

How did man grow to be so violent? Just like human, don’t you think? Open Preview See a Problem? Conceding that there is a kind of aggression which man shares with animals, Fromm shows that it is defensive in nature, designed to insure survival.

Freud, of course, emphasized the unconscious, biological drives, repression, and Erich Fromm, Ph. But those alleged radicals who counsel that no personal change is possible or even desirable within present-day society use their revolutionary ideology as an excuse for their personal resistance to inner change.

After graduating from seminary she was kind enough to employ me again until I found more regular work. When we stop looking for those horns, and recognize evil as evil, we may prevent atrocities such as the Holocaust or the New Economic Policy from ever taking place.

This, however, is not the destructiveness that Fromm wished to discuss and dissect. Fromm supports his thesis by citing an archaeological study of one of the earliest cities in the world, Catal Hoyuk in Turkey, which had thousands of inhabitants at BC.