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Aliens aren’t really my thing but i thought why not.

Claimed (Brides of the Kindred, #1) by Evangeline Anderson

And you know what I mean by in return. So much so that I actually bought it half way through this one! So why am I continuing on with this series you comprometdio Olivia did not want to get it on with Baird because doing so would mean she’d have to give up her life on earth with her sister and her friends and her career.

She never compromehido to ask if she will be able to communicate with her loved ones and visit Earth, she just assumes that she is being forced to leave everything behind forever.

Now Baird has to figure out a way to court Olivia gently and with respect in order for her to fall into love with him and want to stay with him forever. After having seen some reviews with some rather unfortunate things being said about the heroine I started with low expectations. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Claimed is an inventive and quirky sci-fi romance with an adorable hero who lacks some social skills, including how to romance a woman. But then, she has written about eight mi BAM! Earth had been attacked by bad aliens called the Scrouge, but just in the nick of time the Kindred, the good aliens, turn up to save the day!


I mean she said she felt nothing for the guy’s kisses and two seconds later the guy touched her and she was all wet and ready. But there were other things I really liked about this book, it showed the potential between Liv’s twin Sophia and Baird’s brother Sylvan a Blood Kindred aka Space Vampire and I really can’t wait to read their book! Mar 16, Ari Reavis rated it it was amazing Shelves: Although the story is somewhat predictable, I found the Kindred culture strangely fascinating and at times humorous.

Three days after being returned to his people Baird is on Earth ready to claim Olivia as his bride. For some reason, she was determined to resist Quickly said: She’s intensely attracted to our hottie hero Baird yet constantly feigns resistance, fearing never to see her twin sister Sophia again who is the main character in the second book btw. The Kindred species saved the human race from an alien war and in return they have asked for human woman to breed with. This is one hot and steamy read.

Olivia doesn’t make life easy for Baird at all and then a simple mistake turns into a deadly mistake now Baird and Olivia may not have a choice on if they are together or not and not only may they not find happiness together one of them may not survive.

Evangeline Anderson – Los Perdidos 2/2 | Jardín De Sakuras

And despite the over the top alphas and their you’re going to do this even though you don’t really want to nonsense, I never want to punch them in the face. May 21, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’m mean, earth female has been drafted to bond with alien male. It as funny, sad at times, lightening and so descriptive I could easily picture everything that was happening.

I enjoyed this story and will be looking forward to the next story with her twin sister. They possess a very special endowment that ensures every sexual experience is a tantric one. I mean the claiming leaves very little rights to the female in the first 30 days.

Esclavo Comprometido – Evangeline Anderson (YunJae Mode)

The Kindred, alien warriors, came to Earth rescuing them form the Scourge that only brought pain and death to those on Earth. It was an odd contradiction in my opinion and that kind of sucked.


My hopes were up for a good erotic scene but it never came, or it came when my interest was nil. Namely Olivia’s sister Sylvia with awesome Baird’s brother Compeometido. If she is able to resist his advances then she will be allowed to go home and back to the life she so much wants but if she gives in she will be claimed as his wife forever.

Like the TakeMe which is an animal with two heads one on either side of its body that can grow or decrease in size. The heroine does not deserve the hero.

We learn about the animals they keep as pets like Take-me, Zichther and animals they use as furnitures like Touch-U. A warning for anyone considering reading this: The narrator made it worse. Talk about alpha overload. But how can you resist a sexy hero who is built, hung like a Clydesdale, dedicated to your pleasure and loves you?

I also think she occasionally has good creative ideas like the genetic trading thing that could be expanded on a lot further. It’s a major pride annihilator for men!

Which path will Olivia choose? I was torn between enjoying this and finding it a serious eye-roller. I’m gonna X the whole series. I mean, she didn’t even want to give him a chance because she was afraid of how fast their love for one another was growing, which I understand, but obviously there is such thing as compromise that she didn’t even want to try.

I have very rarely come across a heroine I hate as much.

There’s bound to be a little crossover! What is a mating fist? Now, don’t take that in a barbaric sort of way.