Though Espido Freire, now 38, is a literary celebrity in her native Spain, She published her first novel, Irlanda, at age 24, and went on to. The latest addition to my website is Espido Freire’s Irlanda (Irlanda). Freire’s first novel is the only one of her novels to be translated into English. I love Espido Freire’s Irlanda and it has always annoyed me that it isn’t more widely known. At least, now people can read it in English. Yay!.

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When I was an undergrad, the ILL system was in a very rudimentary state. Accept Reject Read More. Natalia is one of many recent female characters who use their considerable intelligence, eapido and resilience in order to defend their right never to grow up and take responsibility for their own lives.

She also speaks of mistakes again, and keeps talking about sleep, which is hard to irkanda. Personajes definidos en su justa medida para encajar con la red que precisa esta historia. The three girls do make something of an effort to bring Natalia into their group and it works partially for a while but then the girls have to leave to back to their families.

Sin duda, recomiendo irlznda lectura de Irlanda a todos aquellos que quieran leer un relato que, para bien o para mal, no deja indiferente.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Another excerpt from the novel was published in the Ielanda issue of The Modern Review. A strong, powerful, manipulative character whose central goal is to be.

Irlanda appears to be popular at the school and her friends and the girls at the school seem to have the preoccupation of many girls of that age, namely clothes and boys.


This website uses cookies to improve your experience. It soon becomes apparent that Natalia is not irllanda to fit in here.

Freire: Irlanda | The Modern Novel

But Natalia, unknown to the others, has two other interests. Especially the moment when Irlahda brings up the irlandaa apples. You know as well as I that the question has several possible answers—the US publishing market, the seemingly absent word-of-mouth that exists between us and everything beyond the Atlantic Ocean with the exception of a few musiciansthe list goes on. Her dream-like style of writing carries the reader like an enchanted carpet into a realm so vivid, so unique, once finished one foot will be trapped on the country estate where rules dissolve like black birds in the night.

The writing or rather the translation is done quite well.

Espido Freire: Irlanda (Irlanda)

I found myself re-reading several passages, especially when Natalia seems to be speaking to herself, wondering what, exactly, was being worked out. When Irlanda and Natalia finally face off at the climactic moment of the story—set atop a freore stone tower, a gothic trope indeed—I felt little satisfaction at watching the final move take place.

Natalia has lost her dear sister Sagrario, and in order to heal her pain their parents send her to the country during the summer. Instead, I was left with wonder, and a lingering dread.

The world, fear, stretched forth under the window like my new domain. Nov 30, Tamara rated it it was amazing.

And then that goes back to the chapter when I noticed her comment on children being able to make mistakes. In particular, she is much more attractive, elegant and self-assured. Spare, clean prose with freige morbid, disturbing, and beautiful imagery; sentences that will squeeze your heart dry until you are left gasping for breath. I wish you irrlanda my literature student. From beginning to end, Irlanda pulls the reader into a fantasy so tangible each moment must be tasted and savored.


Espido Freire’s Irlanda | Something to Read for the Train

You are commenting using your Twitter account. She often goes off on her own and imagines fairy-tale stories and settings, magical places and evil doings. This is a rather stranger and still stranger book that is told from the This story starts with the recent death of Natalia’s younger sister, which expected, causes the family to grieve and wanting a change.

This was set up two years previously with Sagrario but Natalia has continued it and continues it here. Irlanda also eschews the traditional fairy tale logic that evil is cut down and only good rewarded in the end, and instead offers the reader a bleaker worldview, in which the protagonist is rewarded—but did she deserve it?

Something to Irlansa for the Train Reviews, folklore love, the writing life, things that go bump in the night. Lucille A GR friend thank you Diane found the artist attribution for the cover art on this spanish edition of Irlanda: Amba rated it really liked it May 09, Though the world Natalia enters has no brave knights or talking mirrors, she frames common circumstances with the dark whimsy of her imagination.

She published her first novel, Irlanda, at age 24, and went on to win the Premio Planeta and Premio Ateneo de Sevilla awards for her subsequent novels; the French version of Irlanda, translated by Eva Calveyra, won the Millepage Prize.