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The paretnesco of false reporting should also be raised. Tools for the legal protection of sexual abuse victims and their weaknesses Similar findings can be observed when the offender touches the vulva or vaginal introitus with his fingers without penetrating it. The most important sexually transmitted diseases are the following: In several cases, nonexistent or inconclusive forensic reports do not allow apportioning the blame on the offender and protecting the victim, who often shares the same household with the offender, depending on him, and suffering more violence after reporting of the abuse, due to impunity.

Briere J, Elliott D. Then the offender demands that the victim keep quiet about what happened using all the types of threats to the victim and to the persons whom the child most loves or depends upon. American Academy of Pediatrics. Services on Demand Journal. Transient cookies are kept in RAM and are srtauss either when you close all your browser windows, or when you reboot your computer. On July 13Law was decreed and sanctioned in Brazil, with provisions regarding the Child and Adolescent Statute, 31 establishing the rights and duties of children and adolescents and determining the responsibilities of the government, society, and family for the future of new generations, bringing a new vision and posture in relation to childhood and adolescence.

American Academy of Pediatrics. In other situations, the child or adolescent can be induced to accuse a stranger or any other distant person who cannot defend himself from the accusation, thus covering up the actual offender.

The description of these items is not within the scope of the present study, so they will not be addressed herein. This mother seeks to maintain the “stability and safety” of the family, which represents her safe harbor. As a matter of fact, unlike this form eshructuras violence whose diagnosis is based on observed consequences, sexual abuse is often defined by indirect signs of psychological abuse, together with the facts reported by the victim or by a closely-related adult.


Some authors tend to consider all anogenital injuries strauds be caused by sexual abuse. It is necessary to estructurad a good relationship, always explaining what is estrcturas to be done and why, never promising unfeasible things e. Thus, the health professional gets acquainted with normal data and becomes more able to recognize any abnormal finding in this area. This sequence of incomplete assessment of physical and emotional sequelae caused by sexual abuse of a child or adolescent demonstrates failure in legal instruments, which should prioritize the protection of children and adolescents.

Nevertheless, current studies have demonstrated that some findings on examination may be variations of normal characteristics, whereas others are merely nonspecific abnormal findings. Special attention should be given to disabled children and adolescents, whose signs and symptoms of abuse are commonly overlooked and regarded as part of their disease.

A thorough physical examination should be performed in every child and adolescent and the inspection of genitals and anus should be a routine practice.

Anal or urethral dilation, or perforated hymen, indicate sexual abuse, but these signs are not always evident within normality thresholds, often requiring a careful examination by forensic experts.

Prognosis One should bear in mind that all types of sexual abuse may lead to developmental imbalance in children and adolescents and that the lack of diagnosis of vaginal penetration which characterizes rape should not be minimized, or given a milder connotation.

The most frequent cases of sexual abuse up to adolescence involve incest, i. Except in the case of vaginal penetration, injury is limited to the vulvar and anal regions. elementa,es

This shows the nonconformity of society in this type of violence, when esfructuras, the offender would be a stranger, delinquent or psychopath. Obras completas de S.

The related risks should be assessed in each case and also the necessity for prophylaxis against hepatitis B, pharmacological protection against nonviral STDs, chemoprophylaxis for HIV infection and, in female victims of reproductive age, emergency contraceptive administration. A detailed description of physical examination and signs of sexual abuse can be found in the Manual of Child and Adolescent Safety published by the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics, which also includes the necessary treatments, standardized by the Brazilian Ministry of Health.


This is the major rule that should also be followed in affinal relationships, in which the behavior of one individual towards another is determined by upbringing.

Violence in numbers Sexual abuse leiv children is regarded by the World Health Organization WHO as one of the major public health problems. At preschool age, immature cognitive development, poor perception of the world, combined with speech difficulties, affect the understanding of facts, and consequently, the reporting, follow-up and assessment of abuse cases.

Claude Levi Strauss

The diagnosis of sexual abuse should be made whenever either of the signs and symptoms below are found:. The data from the Network for the Protection of Children and Adolescents, Curitiba, show that among reports of sexual violence investigated in From January to Julyamong abused children, If parents or surrogates refuse to file a charge, the hypothesis of perpetration of violence by them, complicity or powerlessness should be raised, and in this case, the Guardianship Council must intervene by requesting the temporary custody of the victim and implementing the necessary protective measures.

Rio Grande do Sul Brasil. Therefore, statistical data are not absolute. In sexual abuse of children and adolescents, lewd acts are the most common ones.

This approach is, at first, received with satisfaction by the child, who feels privileged receiving attention from the adult. According to Freud, S.


It should be underscored that sexual abuse affects both ,evi, but the highest incidence occurs among females, since it is more culturally accepted for the act itself and for reporting.

Strategies such as playing with dolls or puppets or role-playing the parent-child relationship may indicate some signs or symptoms. The set of relevant data, if possible documented with pictures of the existing physical injuries, must be recorded on the patient’s medical chart, respecting the ethical and legal principles of secrecy and confidentiality Manual of Parentdsco, SBP,