The next ten years will be mainly devoted to the “Spirou et Fantasio” series he makes it a point of honour to continue “Gaston Lagaffe” in spite of everything. Offered in Catawiki’s Comic Curio Auction: Franquin, André – Figure Mini-Pixi – Gaston Lagaffe et le gaffophone – (). Mint – with original box and. [Multi] Et Franquin cra la gaffe [BD] [Multi] Et Franquin cra la gaffe. les analyses de Gaston et les analyses de Modeste et Pompom.. Integrale 4.

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Starting from simulations with several millions of atoms, he will develop micromechanical models for breaking strength and compare these with fracture tests carried out directly in the scanning electron microscope.

Franquin – Mediatoon Foreign Rights

Spirou et les hommes-bulles. They are intended to give researchers a comprehensive understanding of the microscopic processes at the crack tip. This iframe contains the logic required to handle Ajax powered Gravity Forms.

But every project is always dominated by the talent of the perfectionist genius. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Fournier authored nine books in the series, which saw Spirou evolve into a more modern character. A few characters from lagafte Gaston series: From time to time he works with others who help him out with a story: German – Guantanamo Kid.

Fantasio from the Spirou series became his boss, and Gaston’s character was developed more. La saga des gaffes. Spirou et Fantasio is one of the most popular classic Franco-Belgian comics.

Franquin Patrimoine

The mural was based on a design by Yoann and created in by graffiti artist Urbana Nicolas Morreel. Marsupilamis in the wild take centre stage briefly in Le nid des Marsupilamis which presents Seccotine’s documentary featuring a family in their natural habitat, the jungles of the fictitious South American state Palombia.


It was the team of Tome writing and Janry art which was to find lasting lagaffee with Spirou, both in terms of sales and critical appeal. From left to right, back row: Eventually a name was revealed: Nic Broca art and Raoul Cauvin writing took on Fournier’s lead without adding much to the characters.

Dickie and Birdbath Watch the Woggle”. The script is written by Greg, followed by Yann, Fauche and Adam. However, at the end dra the s Fournier’s pace began to slow down and the publisher, Dupuis, sought new authors to replace him.

He introduced a large gallery of recurring characters, notably the Count de Champignacelderly scientist and inventor; the buffoonish mad scientist Zorglub ; Fantasio’s cousin and aspiring dictator Zantafio ; and the journalist Seccotinea rare instance of a major female character in Belgian comics of this period.

Le Prisonnier du bouddha. In these strips, Gaston somehow got his hands on a life-size replica of himself made of rubber and brought it to the office it’s sort of an inside joke because little rubber Gaston toys existed in real life at the time. InMarsu-Productions launches the Marsupilami in great adventures of its own, leaving the graphic realisation to Batem, initially under the supervision of Franquin.


Subscribe to our newsletter to get our latest comics news. These are questions the FAU scientist will investigate during his project. Le Gorille a bonne mine. Before taking up a professorship for materials science simulation and material properties at the Chair of Materials Science General Material Properties in Erlangen, he was contributing substantially to the establishment of the new Institute for Reliability of Systems and Devices at the Karlsruhe University of Technology Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT.

German – Perroquet des Batignolles Le. I’ve read all the Gaston. Flat Top-Level Comments Only. However, it is so important to understand these processes precisely.

  ASTM E466-07 PDF

German – Long John Silver.

Gaston La Gaffe Integrale Cbr File

The strip’s cast of characters also grew. German – Le Petit livre de…. German – Le Petit Spirou. Most Popular Tags char: Two TV cartoon series has been produced, the first, Spirouconsisting of 52 episodes originally aired between andand the second, Les Nouvelles Aventures de Spirou et Fantasio consisting of 39 episodes originally aired between and This iframe contains the logic required to handle Ajax powered Gravity Forms.

By closing this message, you consent to our cookies on this device in accordance with our cookie policy unless you have ccra them. Two video games have also been produced, the first, Spirouwas released in by Frnquinand the second, Spirou: Spirou and Fantasio uncover the story of two children with telekinetic powers similarly to the manga Akira that are forced to construct an edo and meiji period theme park.

The Lord of Destruction Prof. Yves Chaland proposed a far more radical make-over. The series, which has been running sinceshares many characteristics with other European humorous adventure comics like The Adventures of Tintin and Asterix. He would be a “Jobless hero” so pathetic that no one would franquon to read a comic about him.

Subscribe to our newsletter to get our latest comics news. German – Signe de la lune Algaffe.

Their first album in the regular series was announced for October[12] but was later pushed back to September 3, and is named Alerte aux zorkons.