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But a human, canine, equine, bovine, or any other bisexed being is an utterly impossible thing, all those affirming to the contrary notwithstanding.

tbe But souls can be tapped without reciprocity, for the young wife’s soul is drained from her, either directly as a sponge, by her old husband, or indirectly through the uterine and vaginal diseases sure to be her lot sooner or later; for the fluids of the twain will not, cannot blend, except in so far forth as to innoculate the poor young thing with malignant poison, hiistory which I do not here mean syphilis, but I do mean that worse poison resultant from chemical incompatibility, mental and affectional disgust and repulsion, which leave ulcers and corrosions in their train, with death in the foreground.

The origin of such marriages takes its rise in physics purely.

But there are other proofs: MIchelle Kiddo marked it as to-read Sep 13, The strongest force, mental power, and creative energy in the domains of science, art, philosophy, and literature everywhere, is invariably manifested by those who have the most loved and loving mother in them—people whose feminine or magnetic side entirely balances, or slightly overweighs the electric or masculine moiety of their being.

Then I turned me again to the sleeping child; and what was my astonishment at beholding literally hundreds of bright shining and divinely beautiful forms, as of young children and the virgin dead, come trooping down the lane of pearly light, and, entering the house, gather and dance and play at the bedside of the slumbering little one.

On the morning alluded to, as I breathed upon it, a thick, heavy, black, portentous cloud obscured its face, followed by a silvery sheen, indicative of coming trouble, hatred, folly, error, succeeded by happiness and contentment; but I actually forgot all that, nor recalled it till after the approaching drama was ended,—a drama strange and weird, fraught with pain unutterable, inexpressible, almost unendurable; yet whose results or fruitage was as ripe pomegranates are to the thirsty pilgrims, or the cool, bubbling waters to the parched lips of the Arab on the burning sands of Sahara.


I met the man. To apply rules to man applicable to animals alone, is an insult to the human race. There may be those who can find happiness therein.

Eulis! the History of Love – Wikisource, the free online library

True, there are lov unsexed souls; some no sex at all, and others still claiming one gender, and manifesting its hishory opposite. The philosophers never even guessed at this truth.

When the mistake is made such parties marvel and wonder how on earth it can be so; and why the actual marriage produces effects so utterly foreign to their expectations and hopes. True, nature requires a rich soil to produce high grades of fruit, whether human or other sorts; but in the former she requires the richest of fertilizers, and its name is love.

Eulis! the History of Love

Ay, pove letters are but interchanges, interminglings of the two original forms—the I or male, and the O or female ideas. Every member was aware of its importance to the human race. I asked what right had he to hold a woman in duress convert or non-couvert, whose soul was not attached by love to his; whose compliance, duty onlynot affectional.

To it all things bow, bend, acknowledge the peremptory sway of, and without which the All that is would become a blank and histkry void, as terrible as eternal Night itself: Then from his cradle hiistory the Alps looms up Christian Rosencrux. It is equally true, that those are the most glorious and glorified of the other gender, who were, or are, not the most electric, masculine and intellectual, but the most tender, pure, loving and feminine in all respects.

EULIS! The History of Love by Paschal Beverly Randolph

The magnetic auras issuant from them are unlike, and to her repellant, after a time, if not fo once. The sequel—far along in this book—will show whether it was the shadow of an enacted factor a figment of fancy woven of mist, and conjured up out of the cellars of suspicion.

It was but the prelude to the celestial cantata that followed. Because a portion of each soul becomes incorporate in the other, and the mystical blending—”they twain shall be one”—is complete. Little did I dream that the strange experience was full of true light to others than myself; yet such it is, and was; off with grateful heart I thank the Most Compassionate God, the Ineffable Lord, oof I was found worthy to become the vessel for the conveyance of so grand a lesson to my brethren loce the wide and wasteful world.


I have neither time, assistance, or inclination for moralizing: But you say, “We women are not perfect yet. So I called myself The Rosicrucian, and gave my thought to the world as Rosician thought; and lo!

Eulis! the History of Love/Part 1: Affectional Alchemy

Nor is this all, for every escapade mingles magnetisms more or less; and a man in New York in may feel the life going out of him day by day, himself not even suspecting that a dozen or more women in as many different parts of the earth, or even from the spaces, are at that instant thinking of him, yearning for him, voluntarily or not, and are drawing out his soul just as easily and surely as he drew their life through honeyed lips ten, twenty, or thirty years before; wherefore libertinism and cyprianism are attended with strange penalties.

On this occasion I fell into it from having incidentally cast my eyes upon a third class triune, or magic mirror, such as for years I have used expressly to induce the state of psycho-vision.

In doing so it is likely that I may repeat some things elsewhere, by myself or others, said before; but even if so, I have struck upon many things now given to the race for the first time.

It hung over the table against the wall, where I had placed it after polishing it, preparatory to sending it to a lady in Brooklyn, N. There’s a off shame-facedness too, but not much.

But its laws, offices, utilities, and its llove and diviner meanings are sealed books to all but about two in a million; yet they ought to have the attentive study of every rational human being, every aspirant to immortality beyond the grave.