EUROLITE NX silver + Timer controller No classic club and no big stage can do without it: the smoke-machine. It is not only its power-output. EUROLITE NB ICE Bodennebler. will be ordered for you. EUR · EUROLITE LED FE Hybrid Laserflower. 1 piece on stock. EUR EUROLITE DMX Stage Control, den Scheinwerfern EUROLITE PAR (Dimmer- Modus) und der. Nebelmaschine EUROLITE NX (Switch-Modus).

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Further articles of the manufacturer:. Remove the old fuse from the fuseholder.

DAP 51 Results Alle anzeigen. Make sure that the power-cord is never crimped or damaged by sharp edges.

Eurolite LED GKF DMX Kaleidoskopeffekt

The fluid tank of the device needs to be filled with smoke fluid before starting up operation and always disconnected from the mains as fluid could be spilled. Page 18 This device must never be operated or stockpiled in sourroundings where splash water, rain, moisture or fog may harm the device. Furthermore do not orientate the escape nozzle directly in the direction of the audience’s eyes.

Den Netzstecker immer als letztes einstecken. L 16 Results Alle anzeigen.

Eurolite Timer-Controller LCD-1

Step Truss 93 Results Alle anzeigen. Only use high-quality, water-based smoke fluid recommended by the manufacturer.


After having addressed all devices, you may now start operating these via your controller. You endanger your own and the safety of others! Mixer 69 Results Alle anzeigen. Name Email Subject Message optional. The rack you use should be a Double-Door-Rack where you can open the front panel and the rear panel.

Create a new account Create a company account. Die jeweiligen Funktionen werden im Folgenden beschrieben. Vor Gebrauch Anleitung lesen. Home Your account Shopping Cart Cash box.

Page 28 Read user manual before use. Should you have further questions, please contact your dealer. Triangle Truss Results Alle anzeigen.

Stage Trade show Disco and electronics Lights Aluminum trusses Sound systems Electronics products Car hifi LED tickers In addition, we also rent equipment for events, also in complete concept and program design as artists, DJ’s, live acts, etc.

Large items over 1,2 m or more than 31,5 kg need 3 — 4 shipping days.

Lighteffects Results Alle anzeigen. Please contact us for a discount package deal. The temperature is regulated by a high quality thermostat. When the machine is ready for fogging, the display shows “OK”. Subwoofer Passiv 54 Results Alle anzeigen.

Never fill in any hot liquids. Snakelights 61 Results Alle anzeigen. Bezahlen Sie schnell und unkompliziert in kleinen Monatsraten. Keep this device away from rain and moisture!

Eurolite LED Zig Zag Klasik Eurolite LED Angel DMX Skytec AS-500 SET Eurolite NX-150 DMX

This secondary safety attachment must be constructed in a way eugolite no part of the installation can fall down if the main attachment fails. Laser Results Alle anzeigen. Eurolite smoke fluid – Made in Germany Trust is good, control is of course better – therefore we test our smoke fluids according to valid norms to meet the legal requirements, for example the REACH act.


Addressing Each device occupies 1 channel. Permanently no longer available.

Risk of electric shock, never open the housing! Continuous fogging By pressing the Continuous-button, the device produces continued fog. LED 32 Results Alle anzeigen. Components for Audio Multicore 38 Results Alle anzeigen.

EuroLite NX User manual

Insert the end eudolite the quick link and tighten the safety screw. Clean the escape nozzle frequently from smoke fluid residues. Disconnect from mains before starting maintenance operation! Commerce Template by www. The installation of the device has to be built and constructed in a way that it can hold 10 times the weight for 1 hour without any harming deformation.

Der Aufbau entspricht der Schutzklasse I. Outdoor Results Alle anzeigen. The dealer will not accept liability for any resulting defects or problems.