EXFO OTDR 2 • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Get EXFO OTDR 2 Owner’s manual. Get all EXFO manuals!. EXFO’s OTDR modules meet all your testing needs with numerous singlemode . Manually set all acquisition parameters, including the index of refraction (IOR).

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You can make another event the start of the span you want otde focus your analysis on. From the main window, go to the Events tab. Analyzing Traces and Events Managing Comments 4.

The default view is displayed when opening a file see Selecting the Default View on page From the Main Menu, tap Test Configuration.

OTDR and iOLM software solutions| EXFO

Consolidated data management and post-processing tool that increases reporting productivity for connector endface inspection and all types of optical-layer testing including optical link mapping iOLMOTDR, ORL, loss, PMD and chromatic dispersion.

Fully featured, entry-level, dedicated OTDR with tablet-inspired design, suitable for metro and optimized to test through optical splitters, mannual seamless end-to-end FTTH characterization and troubleshooting. If your OTDR supports singlemode, singlemode live, or multimode wavelengths, the high-resolution feature will be activated either for the singlemode, singlemode live, or multimode wavelengths, depending on the selected fiber type.

From the Main Menu, select the User Preferences button.

Analyzing Traces and Events Enabling or Disabling the Detection of Reflective Ends of Fiber The table below shows the differences you will notice in the event table depending on if you enable the detection of reflective ends of ecfo or not.


Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. If you are testing in Real time, the reflectance value you will get is not necessarily accurate. From the Spans list, select the desired span type. EXFO warrants this equipment against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from exf date of original shipment. If former results have not been saved yet, the application prompts you to save them before starting a new acquisition.

If you want to create a folder, you will have to do it manually via File Manager available from the Home screen. OR To hide them, clear the boxes. Position marker A on the event, and submarker a to the left of marker A as far as possible from marker Awithout including the preceding event. It verifies the injection level and displays a message when an unusually high loss occurs at the first connection, which could indicate that no fiber is connected to the OTDR port.

You cannot define a different helix factor for each wavelength.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

To automatically zoom in on the selected event: Analyzing Traces and Events Viewing and Modifying Current Measurement Settings When otdd or modifying trace settings, these parameters are displayed: Clean the ferrule in the connector port as follows: The span start becomes event 1 and its distance reference becomes 0. Three traces are shown, corresponding to three threshold level settings.

If the selected file type is PDF, from the User Preferences dialog box, manuwl Sections, select the report characteristics, including whether you want to include the graphs or not. Tap OK to apply the changes.


Connect one end of the fiber under test to the OTDR port. Do not proceed unless you understand and meet the required conditions.

Eastern Time in North America. Preparing Your OTDR for a Test Setting the Analysis Detection Thresholds The following examples show how different splice-loss threshold levels can affect the number of displayed events, especially small non-reflective events manula as those caused by two splices.


Analyzing Traces and Events Graph Graph The events, that are detailed in the events table see Events Tab on page 99are marked by numbers along the displayed trace. Tap OK to exit the Browse for Folder window. Hold the EUI oter adapter so the dust cap opens downwards.

To rename, copy, move, and delete trace files, you must use the File Manager utility. Consolidated data management and post-processing software to boost reporting productivity for connector endface inspection and for all types of optical-layer testing e. If you want to test in high resolution, simply select the feature see Enabling the High-Resolution Feature on page 62 7. This fully featured OTDR with tablet-inspired design combines singlemode and multimode fiber testing in a dedicated and compact quad unit to allow everyday field testing in access networks, data centers and private enterprise networks.