FAI Aerobatics Commission (CIVA). Open menu Close menu. Home Sporting Code – Section 6: Aerobatics. 30 Apr Sporting Code Section 6 – Part 1. They are published in book form by the Aresti family, as the Aresti Catalogue. This forms the FAI standards document on the aerobatic figures. ARESTI SYSTEM, S.L.. ARESTI AEROCRIPTOGRAPHIC SYSTEM. Adopted by the FAI since World Artistic Flight. ARESTI AEROBATIC CATALOGUE.

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Quantity A is greater. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Aeerobatic Policy. American representative of the Federation Aeronautique Internationale, More information. Spins always occur on vertical down lines entered from horizontal flight.

Mathematics The mathematics expectations are arranged in five interwoven strands of knowledge: Forces Chapter Overview Fall A. With support, I can show my work using objects or pictures By using properties of a transversal and parallel lines, More information. MEP Pupil Text A base value of 84 points is applied to fi normal entry stall turn and a value of to an inverted entry stall turn: Family 9 contains symbols representing aircraft rotations of various sorts.

Aresti Catalog – Wikipedia

Those for Family 9 are shown in tabular form. Aresti Catalogue page 0 Though the catalog had grown at one time to some 15, manoeuvers, a CIVA working group substantially streamlined it in the mids. Rolls, snap rolls and spins. We continue the discussion on 2D More information. The cross-line is vertical for figures ending on the main axis and horizontal for those ending on the secondary axis. Where this occurs, on either a horizontal or 45 line, the aircraft must roll such as to finish displaced from its original attitude for the figure geometry to be correct.


This can be achieved by a single complementary element or by a combination of such elements. Shade the tops of Representations of Three-Dimensional Figures Use isometric dot paper to sketch each prism.

The Aresti Catalogue | British Aerobatics

Families 1 through 8 depict basic figures, such as turns, loops and vertical lines; family 9 depicts rotational elements that can be added to basic figures to increase difficulty, change the direction of flight or invert the g-loading of the aircraft. Graphs and charts – quiz Level A 1. Fal these cases, the flick roll is accorded the lower of the two possible K- factors. Attending this meeting as well, were, Catlogue. How do pilots know what aerobatic manoeuvres they have to fly when they compete?

Flight Controls The Wright Brothers were engineers first, pilots second. Then it may form a complete aerobatic figure. By Ed Kolano To new pilots with a military inclination, angle of attack might be another way to describe a military flanking maneuver.

Originally each volume was updated and re-issued annually by FAI, but now they are available only from the Aresti System website whilst the FAI publishes just an update of the changes that are promulgated each year.

This page was last edited on 8 Julyat This “Aerobatic Catalogue” is an extract of the “Aresti Aerobatic System” and defines the figures can be flown in any world The system allows pilots to understand what is expected of them in training or competition, and it also allows pilots to invent new figures. The catalog broadly classifies manoeuvers into numbered families. Each figure starts and ends in horizontal flight, depicted respectively by a small circle and a short cross-line.

Thanks to the effort of the persons present here and with the help of our lawyers, we have reached an agreement in the year of the celebration of the cenntenial of the F. The online Wikipedia free encyclopedia also has a useful: Except for Family 9, all the values are divided by 10 and then rounded to the nearest single figure: When someone gives me a small number of objects.


Where a basic figure from Families 1 or 8 starts with a vertical down line, the first rotation of a complementary element may be by spinning from level cztalogue rather than by pulling or pushing to aerobaic vertical down and rolling. Notational systems for aerobatic manoeuvers have aerobatci used since the s.

But the context here is More information. Calculate the area of given geometric figures. Show two rays in the same plane that intersect at more than one point.

Corresponding positive elements are invariably shown in black.

Aresti Aerocryptographic System

Instructor s Solutions Manual, Section 5. Archived from the original on 3 March In basic figures, flight with a positive or zero angle of attack is shown with a solid line; flight with a negative angle of attack is shown with a dashed line. A ‘must have’ for any serious aerobatic pilot who aspires to success from Standard level upwards, this is the book that provides the complete rule-base for the Aresti aerobatic notation system together with the complete and up-to-date set of manoeuvres that can be used either in isolation or where necessary in combination to construct known, unknown and free sequences for contest flights at every level.

These are designated Complementary Elements and cannot be considered to aerobaric figures in isolation.