Without sin, can we know beauty? Can we fully appreciate the summer without the winter? No, I am glad to suffer so I can feel the fullness of our. Robuck follows her portrait of Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald’s turbulent marriage ( Call me Zelda, ) with another stormy literary portrait—Edna. This fictional account of poet Edna St. Vincent Millay celebrates the life worth lived. fallenbeauty There’s nothing like a good historical fiction.

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I’ll be checking out Call Me Zelda from the library today! Can we fully appreciate the summer without the winter? Look Inside Reading Guide.

The seamstress had made one mistake that made her a fallen beauty. Nothing but a common girl with a bastard child.

FALLEN BEAUTY by Erika Robuck | Kirkus Reviews

However, it really is much different with a much different ending. Vincent Millay and her indulgent husband hold a wild party in their remote mountain estate, hoping to inspire her muse.


When Laura falls in love with someone who is not available, their one robkck of passion leads to a child that she is forced to raise on her own, much to the glaring eyes of the people in her community. They are ge After finishing her 4th novel, I am more than sure that Erika Robuck is my favorite contemporary author.

In both a physical and a very symbolic way, especially as noted in Grace’s observant thoughts about the developing sculpture of the Virgin Mary, Grace is who brings Millay and Kelly together through her honest and childlike ways, and, I think faith in them and in the larger context of what is often believed about grace.


She struggles to keep her dress shop in business and pay bills when the community members refuse to give her business. I find myself wanting to know more about her and her poems. Except ordinary is hardly a word to describe them. Her characters never fail to grab me and keep my attention.

When no one will bring work to Laura and her electricity is shut off for nonpayment of the bills, Millay asks her to make an at home gown for her.

Jul 17, Jennifer King beautyy it it was amazing. In this story, the self-discovery in both Millay and the seamstress Laura are important and redemptive, and this is where a novel such as Fallen Beauty makes its mark on our world. There’s Father Ash who is outed as coveting Laura from afar when his eika, his private feelings, are shared with the town.


Take Five: Erika Robuck on Fallen Beauty

What would you like people to know about the story itself? Mar 05, Teddy rated it really liked it Shelves: In my opinion, Robuck’s narrative style, capturing the edgy and uncertain life of both Kelly and Millay both of whom fit and illustrate the title Fallen Beauty robucck one of the biggest pluses of this book.

In Erika Robuck’s tale, you will find passion, intrigue, romance, and feel a sizzling energy during a very difficult time in two women’s lives. Yet, there were times she was very wise falen helpful. This is a great read, and I can’t wait to read Erika Robuck’s next book! At times, it is dark, but stick with it to the end.


I was unsure what direction Robuck would take, how she would portray Millay, what angle would she pursue and Falen will say, I was completely impressed. Fallen Beauty crackles with erotic tension and the determination of a poetess to wield sexual power over others as inspiration for writing.

This book was the best book I’ve read in quite a while.

Fallen Beauty Reader’s Guide

In this one it is Edna St. Millay was a poet and human being like no other. The ever growing tension both between them, within themselves, and with the other characters in the falken is not fully resolved until late in the book and then in a dramatic way.

Vincent Millay through the eyes of the seamstress, Laura, but also is told in first person through Millay’s eyes as well is, in my opinion, the most amazing part about this book.

Take Five: Erika Robuck on Fallen Beauty

Laura’s only friend is her sister but that relationship is strained as well. But the dark consequences of their night of daring a “Without sin, can we know beauty?

What I really wanted to know about Laura’s story was not revealed until the final few chapters and it felt a tiny bit rushed and anti-climatic by that point. While Kelley is struggling to survive economically, especially once the townspeople turn their backs on her, Millay and Eugen live a profligate and free-spirited life with friends and lovers.