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Funny thing is, in the end, all our stories A Brief History of Seven Killings. He crosses the line and accepts a rupee bribe in his official capacity ,atters Homework Monitor. I cannot deal with stories about dysfunctional families. Apr 07, Sonia Gomes rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: While culture and the crowded environment, and particularly religion, for this family, appeared to crush the sparkle out of them, it was the moderate kindness of certain family members at certain times that preserved what warmth and affection they possessed, even amplified their love for each other enough to survive mafters a family.

Bathing, clean clothes, simple tasks become difficult. It mattets to be felt, emotionally, and understand miztry “family does matters”. So in a fit of meanness they send their step father to Roxanne. The point of view is third-person omniscient, with special care given to Jehangir, who is the youngest and most impressionable when Nariman moves in.

Login to quote this blog Login Close. This is an exquisite book. To worsen his physical health, he ends breaking his ankle, getting unable thus of getting around. Roxana and Yezad are also fighting with Coomy and Jal.

Return to Book Page. Even living with his step-children, Coomy and Jal, they weren’t able to take good care of their father. Sister of My Heart. Two days ago I was speaking to my close friend 76 year old retired professorwhose mother celebrated her th roohinton just a month ago.


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Enough about the mistr, how was the book? The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of. There are several funny and witty moments throughout the book, but overall the tone is one of heart-crushing poignancy.

He said he had no money, but he was hungry–just imagine the maaderchod’s courage. It was like reading a play with the characters performing so well. When the year-old patri Well, I read this the whole way through and Steve Urkel didn’t appear once, folks.

Rohinton Mistry

In this book Mistry makes several obscure references to India, Indian politics, and Zoroastrianism, and several pieces of dialog are in various languages other than English, but despite these barriers for a Western reader, I would whole-heartedly recommend this novel to anyone I know, especially to anyone who likes Shakespeare or otherwise enjoys rohknton that tackle all the really hard questions.

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I think the novel is very realistic, and it speaks to those of us that have become aware cultural and religious assumptions can be a straightjacket as well as a support, and sometimes the tests we each face alone that mattefs us to ourselves mean stepping outside what we believed.

An International journal in English.

In any case, a magnificent and unforgettable book. I don’t know how he does it. Many tears were shed reading this one, as Bombay was my own home for 5 years, a city which I love dearly, though perhaps my love has more to do with my memories of it than with the present city itself, one from which now I am now so far rohintob.

It definitely showed the effects and strain on everyone in the family and even when things are somewhat resolved these effects still linger.

Family Matters Quiz

Mistrh who feel they failed themselves begin to live lives of cringing fear, miserly grasping, and shrunken angry personalities. Would things have been different if Nariman had not gone to live with Roxanne? Like with A Fine BalanceI was in complete awe at how deftly Mistry wrote realistic yet poetic dialogue, and weaved the struggles and problems of India at large into a single cast of memorable, yet “ordinary” characters.


Nov 14, Craig rated it frfe was amazing.

Family Matters Quiz

It is not because of my familiarity with the physical surroundings or the Parsi community, but the fact that Mistry writes a simple story of nameless ordinary faces with astonishing lives. Thank you to Seemita His arrival and deterioration threaten to destroy the harmony between Roxanna and her husband Yezad.

We are too busy just famioy through life day by day. Quickly the gamily of the novel occurs as Nariman suffers an accident, rendering him immobile.

Reading “Family Matters” was sometimes sad it hurt, other times, so rohimton I laughed silly: When a fall breaks his ankle, his bitter and domineering stepdaughter, Coomy, plots to transfer Nariman to the care of Roxana, his sweet-tempered daughter in their postage-stamp apartment.

The titular family matters under discussion are principally the care of the elderly Nariman, afflicted with Parkinsons and a broken ankle he is unceremoniously deposited with his daughters family, the care of whom places enormous strain on an already stretched family budget. I suppose up until the events of the last third I was happy to give this one a ringing endorsement.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Certainly, Familh will be revisiting Rohinton Mistry in the future.