This guide is obviously copy paste from IGN wiki so I am not taking any credits for it but since I like how guide on steam function in such way. Instead of walking players through the game and giving them strategies—like, you know, a strategy guide—this FFIX guide spat up vague. Introduction Edit. Hello, Terra_Homing here, welcome to my walkthrough. Final Fantasy IX, is one of the greatest games I’ve ever played and I’d like to give you a .

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This game is truly a fantasy RPG – evident in both the story and the setting. Final Fantasy IX received huge accolades when it was released and is still listed as one of the top games in the ghide – though it is definitely not my favorite as outlined below.

Final Fantasy IX – Guides –

Have Vivi join them and you’ll receive rewards upon achieving a certain number of consecutive jumps. On the right side of the road is the Item Shop; enter to find 38 Gil on the floor. After the crash landing, a moogle appears for a brief tutorial on Active Time Events ATEwhich are mostly optional extra scenes that you can watch and sometime recieve items from.

Agree to be his slave and tell him the coast is clear.

The fighting then spills into the audience. Continue on to the next screen.

Final Fantasy IX Strategy Guide

Exit the church, head down the stairs and up the ramp to talk to the small boy Tom. Also, whenever you encounter a moogle in a town or city, access the Mognet option to see if they have any letter for another moogle. Follow the rat kid again but before you finish your course take a right down some stairs and follow the boards to get to 63 Gil.


If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. After the battle, speak to Tfix to access his synth shop.

Go back to save and proceed past the ocean room. Cross the bridge just southwest of the Chocobo Forest and you’ll find a spot where the river ends and flows into the sea. Inside the chapel a regular moogle and Stiltzkin will show up. You can be as flashy as you want.

I’m not doing this for comedy, if you want entertainment turn to another walkthrough, I’ll stick to the facts and try to give you an unbiased, professional guide. The first entrance on the right is Gulde House.

There are so many small islands surrounding the Mist Continent, kupo! Limit Breaks have become one of the staples of the series. Exit the shop and talk to Hippaul standing just left of the shop near the path up. The Earth Guardian also shares this weakness. One could argue that Triple Triad had too much of an impact on guidw flow of the game, allowing players who mastered the game and played it regularly to level up their characters and stack them stat-wise very early in the game. Just added this info that was missing on earth guardian.

Apart from pressing the correct buttons, your ghide also affects how impressed the audience and Brahne would be at the end. Save your game and learn about Mognet by talking to Kupo. A prompt will appear at the lower-left corner of the screen if an ATE is available ; press the Select button to view them The Forest Keeper.

You can talk to the person at the Ticket Booth now, or come back after picking up a few more items If you do not want to miss items, skip to the next paragraph.


Ghils Sep 1, Defeat the creature and it comes back for a second helping. Alexandria Castle 2nd Visit. Search the area between the two mountains. Proceed to the next screen, this area has the Ticket Booth at its center, but you don’t need to go there yet. While 8 took a turn to the more realistic and futuristic, Final Fantasy IX brought the series back to its roots. Trance fades when the red meter empties. Outside the Inn some kids are playing jump rope.

To address Vivi’s ticket problem, head for the Alley where you’ll meet the rat kid again. Cactuar Card ; Jumps: The treasure is buried near a river, but I don’t think it’ll be easy to find.

Sign In Don’t have an account? Tell him you will help find his kitty. Genji Card ; Jumps: She will either run into it or out guice it when you enter this area.

Feel free to ask me any questions on my talk page Unlike the last couple of installments, this game goes back to the series’ roots, focusing on knights, princesses, castles and magic which you might prefer to the sci-fi esque FF7 and FF8. I might modify or add something to this guide in future like change pictures or whatever but untill then it stays like this. This section starts with the play where the Steal command is replaced with SFX, which allows you to cast fake spells such as Pyro.

Final Fantasy IX walkthroughs.

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