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It is an impor- tant part of your PQS program. This duty may be delegated to the personnel officer. Data Processing S-7 Division Data pro- cessing functions include the operation of data processing equipment, maintaining files and records, and preparing and processing documents to produce records and reports as provided for in the automated supply and accounting system.

Work on the less popular menus and try to increase their popularity by improving them in some way.

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Members of the board represent the other chiefs from their diche departments. Don’t try to make your own repairs. Know your storage space and order only what you can store properly. Career Reenlistment Objectives CREO is a personnel management system designed to provide current goals and directions for retention, conversion, and certain enlistment procurement programs.

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Some panels will pick fewer early selectees and others will select more because the average time in service of candidates vanes from rating to rating. This envelope must be signed over the flap by both the custodian and the accountable officer in the presence of the custodian and the accountable officer and retained in the accountable officer’s safe.

You will earn the support of these personnel through cooperation and flche to assist others; through earnest efforts to do your job well; and through constant attempts to improve yourself, your organization, and the ship or sta- tion to which you are attached. When prescribed by the type commander, the supply department head prepares a Supply Department Organization Manual, which will contain a description of the functions of each component of the department and assigned areas of respon- sibility and authority It will also include tasks of key personnel.

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Conservation is the aders way aders keep costs under control. Economical and efficient operation of the supply department.


Be sure that only experienced personnel open canned items. Look at the table of contents again. Aboard submarines, because of unique space limitations and the necessity for stowing material in widely separated small spaces, it is not feasible to keep all supply spaces locked. On large ships the S-2 and Fich divisions may be combined into one division under the tech- nical control of the Navy Food Service Systems Office.

Leading Mess Management Specialist The leading Mess Management Specialist will neither have custody of, nor control over, the original records of food items received in the general mess, nor will the leading MS prepare public vouchers or general mess returns.

Sanitary regulations for general mess and related spaces.

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Since most trainees are somewhat apprehensive, a relaxed environment, whenever practical, will help trainees overcome anxieties in the initial stages of qualifications. The manager plans, organizes, details people for positions and work stations, directs their work, and takes corrective action when necessary.

In fact, input from fleet or shore sources of pertinent interest to enlisted supply ratings to this column is encouraged. Authorized deviations may be included in the Supply Department Organization Manual.

It establishes the terms of reenlistment for each rating by paygrade. The better supervisor makes a practice of knowing as much as possible about each worker, of really concentrating on what the worker is doing, and of being aware of the manner in which the work is being done.


This ensures more rapid action in meeting customer needs if adehs item ades not m stock when the customer’s request is received. The president also approves the menu and ensures that well-balanced, nutritious meals are served.

The budget review process calls for a close examination of these reports. If you find that the crew will not eat kale, no matter how you prepare it, choose a tedhnique popular vegetable with similar food value, such as spinach or turnip greens.

An abstract of the financial condition of the mess may fice determined from this account at any time. Good management is the key to effective mess operations. Provides the opportunity to qualify as journeymen in the cook hotel and restaurant trade Supports advancement in rating Instills job pride Provides civilian recognition of Navy skill Encourages reenlistment The program consists of two parts: Ship’s Store and Retail Clothing S-3 Division General The ship’s store and retail clothing component functions include procuring, receiving, storing, issuing, and selling ship’s store and clothing items; operating resale and service activities; maintaining related records; and pre- paring reports, returns, and correspondence.

Quarter credit hours per course vary from 3 to 6, with 5 hours per course being teechnique norm An associate degree m science or arts A. Mobility, gechnique, dispersal, and offensive power are the keynotes of the new Navy The roots of the Navy lie m a strong belief in tcehnique future, in continued dedication to our tasks, and in reflection on our heritage from the past. What the Board Considers A copy of each candidate’s microfiche record, with a file folder that contains any correspondence that might have been received by the president of the board before its deliberations, is provided to the reviewing board members.