With contrapuntal intelligence, SmartScore differentiates up to 4 voices per staff. Apply a Not sure which Edition of SmartScore is right for you? Finale Users. How do I scan in sheet music to Finale. have the older version, as a Finale owner, you can purchse SmartScore X2 Pro for half price, $ I understand that Finale 25 will no longer support scanning. You can upgrade SmartScore Lite from to SmartScore X2 Pro for $

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You will be able to install your copy of SmartScore up to 5 times from both download and CD installers.

Push “OK” to apply. But we can not guarantee the kind of accuracy you would obtain with printed sheet music. TIF file that gave you trouble. Emartscore your computer cannot be connected to the Internet, paid customers can be manually authorized by contacting our Technical Support group at tech musitek.

Send it to us!

In the upper toolbar, push the Recognition button to begin recognizing the music: If your problem relates to an editing issue, send the SmartScore. A browser work-around is provided during the installation process in that case. We suggest you use the INDEX to locate your topic of interest and click on the appropriate page to jump to that topic.

Most flatbed scanners are adequate for the job. For example, as ofthe popular online program, MuseScore has yet to fully impletment the latest MusicXML specification Version 3. Using SmartScore’s Image Editor can correct most scanning errors. Delete any fonts with this name. SmartScore’s scanning interface includes: We smarfscore many dedicated users who cross-communicate with others seeking help or advice.


Smarscore is the traditional open-source protocol for driving scanners and is used with both Windows and Macintosh computers. Drivers can no longer be selected manually. Use the Darker – Lighter slider and preview again until you are satisfied then push “Apply”.

If your scanner still does not respond properly to the SmartScore “Scan” button, you can bypass SmartScore’s scanning interface altogether by using your scanner’s software to create recognizable image file as follows: Save to your desktop or to your working music directory. When you have finished, save and name the PDF file to your desktop or easily accessible location. Is you scan dithered? Click here to jump to the forum.

Exporting smartscore x2 pro file to Finale | Finale Forum

Use the Zoom tool to zoom in and look closely for the telltale “salt and pepper” effect of dithering. How do I download it again? Dithering results in tiny holes shot through the black part of the image. How do I recognize large format scores in SmartScore X? The file will convert and open in the Image Editor.

Do I need my prior version wmartscore when upgrading to SmartScore?

Choosing the best scanner for SmartScore

We amartscore analyze your files and get back to you right away. Your musicshould look exactly as it did in SmartScore. De-skew your image files SmartScore may be able to correct skewed or slightly rotated images during scanning, but it’s not always fool-proof. I select “Save As and Open in Finale” but nothing happens.


Avoid scores having broken, faded or segmented note stems and staff lines. Most but not all HP all-in-one printers work with SmartScore’s scanning interface. Thank you for your understanding. Install the new drivers and reboot your computer.

Click here to download “Using SmartScore X2″ user manual. Use the WIA driver. TOP Recognition fails or hangs on scanned pages. Please review ” Scanning outside SmartScore “. Delete all found items.

A small number of customers might not be able to transmit and receive online validation due to firewall or other security block. You may use the software that came with your scanner as an alternative.

My demo has timed out. It’s important that attach your scanned. Empty your trash and restart your computer. It could be your scanner was “dithering”. You can send us your problem files whether you’re using the demo or the full product.

SmartScore Lite Upgrade Comparison Chart

TOP SmartScore prints out larger or s,artscore than my original. In fact, we recommend you uninstall your previous version of SmartScore prior to installing the upgrade. Never scan in Color.