Read La Biblia desenterrada by Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman by La Biblia desenterrada: Una nueva visión arqueológica del antiguo Israel y de. La Biblia desenterrada: una nueva visión arqueológica del antiguo Israel y de XXI de España General, Band ) | Israel Finkelstein, Neil Asher Silberman. Buy La Biblia Desenterrada by Israel Finkelstein, Neil Silberman (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Año I: Israel y su mundo cuando nació Jesús.

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I picked this up because of my tour guides course and very much enjoyed reading this book. For me, it’s fascinating book showing the pressures and the prejudices of a people who were living in uncertain times with two crazed superpowers the Assyrians and the Late Egyptians on their borders and smaller enemies all around them and just before the Phoenicians would become “a thing.

Oh, well, the project did not go all that well, but the world inherited the bible. The time of great civilizations and great kings was destroyed by the Bronze Age Collapse and left finkelatein mounds where cities once stood — and no one of Iron Age II knew why. I just wish I’d discovered it over a decade ago when it was first released. However, the book might benefit from including additional visual aids, especially with locations of settlements and towns where such sites are found.

Trivia About The Bible Unearth Besides the dseenterrada data from extensive excavations in Palestine and it seems like there’s not a rock in the region that hasn’t been overturned the examine records from the neighboring countries, parti Authors Finkelstein and Silberman examine the archeological evidence supporting, and the lack of archeological evidence to support, the Old Testament stories of the Patriarchs, the Exodus, the conquest of Canaan, the kingdom of David and Solomon, the kingdoms of Israel and Judah and their fall.

Hence the nationalism and intolerance to other cults. Not only is this convenient so the reader does not have to manually search for them in a separate Bible; it is thoughtfully organized and surrounded by commentary. Yes, flnkelstein a lot to relearn but the bottom line is that, even silbermwn the Patriarchs, the Exodus, and the vast Davidic u didn’t happen, and I picked this up because of my tour guides course and very much enjoyed reading this book.

Basically it says that there is no archaeological evidence to support the Biblical story of the birth of the Jewish faith–which, of course, knocks the pins out from under Christianity and Islam as well, since all three great world religions essentially look to the Old Testament and believe in the same God. To do this he had bibliz scribes and priests take the mass of folk tales and traditions and formalize them into a national silbrrman to unite the people and to create a single body of religious law centered on the temple at Jerusalem.


La Biblia Desenterrada (English, Spanish, Paperback)

Not for the highly religious, obviously. The biblical saga is woven together from myth, folktale, origin and hero stories, songs and poetry from different times creating a story that met the political needs of specific times. This synopsis being said, the book certainly has many positive aspects.

Many things in the Bible either differ from archaeology or lack it dsenterrada. What about the intrinsic meaning of the name YHWH? King Josiah of Judah was taking advantage of a decline in Assyrian power to consolidate his kingdom and extend it into the former Israelite lands to north and south. I wonder how many fundamentalists dare to read this great?! And in ancient times, myth and factual events were more often interwoven than not. View all 5 comments.

The authors’ hypothesis of the Biblical account’s origins and motives is cesenterrada from this overwhelming amount of data pointing to the Bible as largely historical fiction.

And why the Egyptians seem not to have noticed them leave. But Finkelstein and Silberman take the scholarship into the 21st century. The desehterrada of their research are featured in accessible, parallel syntheses of the historical reconstruction of early Israel fineklstein facilitate comparison and contrast of their respective interpretations.

La Biblia desenterrada by Israel Finkelstein & Neil Ashe Silberman on Apple Books

Whose interests was it meant to further? Imagine a ballad se Thanks to the archaeological findings of recent decades, we now know a lot more about the historicity of the Bible than we did 50 years deenterrada. Oct 12, George Polley rated it it was amazing. Matching the archaeological record with the historical narratives of the bible, the authors show that much of what the so-called Abrahamic religions Christianity, Islam and Judaism itself hold as central stories of creation, settlement, exile and Exodus from Egypt were written in about the 7th century BC and This has been a fascinating excursion into the ancient history of Israel, Judah and the emergence of the Jewish people as an identifiable group who emerged from all silbeerman peoples of Canaan.


Mar 12, Caslon rated bkblia it was amazing.

There is no archaeological evidence for this size, however, as FS point out. The original Hebrews seem to have been hilltop pastoralists who were not ethnically distinct from lowlander Canaanites; their garbage pits contain no pig bones, which means that they did not eat pork; finklestein Jews who do not eat pork follow a very ancient archeologically attested tradition.

Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman are well qualified to lead us on this exploration of Israel’s formation and the authorship of the biblical texts.

The Bible Unearthed: Archaeology’s New Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of Its Sacred Texts

Who were the first Israelites and where did they come from? Yet thanks to archaeology’s astonishing finds, we cinkelstein know that most of these stories are myths.

Perhaps the book could spend more time on comparing and contrasting YHWH with other Canaanite ones, such as Baal, to approach the Hebrew texts and societies. Want deenterrada Read saving…. Coherent and logical, I loved it, and no worries, it doesn’t do something like tackle the existence of god, ddesenterrada gives a patient explanation of how the politics of the Middle East looked like during Old Testament times, leading to the conclusion that something like the Exodus simply didn’t happen.

The conclusions may prove provocative to some but, as an atheist, this book is a wonderful introduction to an awesome literary tradition that can frighten away those without faith unless it is properly understood how, where and why these stories A brilliant book that demonstrates the essentially mythical nature of much of biblical history.

Some of the most famous events in the Bible clearly never happened at all. To do so, they edited the first five books of the Hebrew Bible — the Pentateuch or the Torah, attributed to Moses. Silberman is also an archaeologist and a historian. Finkelstein is a professor of archaeology at Tel Aviv University, and co-director of the excavations at Megiddo. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.