Fires in the Mirror: Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and Other Identities. Front Cover. Anna Deavere Smith. Anchor Books/Doubleday, – Drama – pages. : Fires in the Mirror: Crown Heights, Brooklyn and Other Identities ( ): Anna Deavere Smith, Anna Deavere Smith: Books. Fires in the Mirror has ratings and 50 reviews. Cat said: This play made me fall in love with Anna Deavere Smith. Fires in the Mirror focuses on th.

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Glenn Closefunctioning as hostess for the event, even felt obliged to remind the glittering Minskoff audience that “many of the most famous musicals came im plays.

Fires in the Mirror

This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat A close reading of the section “Mirrors” and the implication of the title Fires in the Mirror helps to reveal Smith’s commentary on how black and Jewish perceptions of their own identities make it possible for them to blame each other for the historic oppression of their racial groups and to direct all of their contempt and rage about racial injustice at each other.

Anna Deavere Smith born September 18, is an American actress, playwright, and professor. About Anna Deavere Smith Anna Deavere Smith is deavede actor, a teacher, a playwright, and the creator of an acclaimed series of one-woman plays based on her interviews with diverse voices from communities in crisis. It is a very thought-provoking read.

And yet, even in their rage, fear, confusion, and partisanship, people of every persuasion and at every level of education and sophistication opened up to Smith. This includes the most interesting works being produced in New York. Smith examines many of the historical causes of the situation, many of the racial theories that help to explain it, and a broad variety of opinions on the events and people involved, in order to come closer dexvere the truth about what happened and why. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards.

Fires in the Mirror – Wikipedia

Some shamans exorcise demons by transforming themselves into the various being—good, bad, dangerous, benign, helpful, destructive. In the time that i was reading this it got me into a lot of thinking because the themes that come up in this book really make you wonder about the society in which we live in and the promblems that we face that we don’t necessary always bring up.


In “Near Enough to Reach,” Pogrebin speculates that the tension and violence between blacks and Jews is due to the fact that Jews are close to blacks and take them seriously enough to address them in their rage.

A junior high, teen-age black girl of Haitian descent. The elephant in the room is that this kind of thugy behavior by black folks is the same way the KKK treated them, although the KKK had better excuses then a “car accident”.

Yet, Jewish people were are more easily able to assimilate in American society because of their skin color. He speaks out passionately in his first scene that there should be justice for his brother’s murderers, and in his second scene, he describes his reaction to the news that Yankel had been killed.

Nation of Islam Minister Conrad Muhammed Smith in a red bow tie affirms that the Jewish Holocaust was nothing compared with million people killed on slave ships over a year period.

See all books by Anna Deavere Smith.

I thought she did some fantastic acting of all the parts and wrote well enough to tell the story. This incident and the circumstances surrounding it led to a period of extremely high tension between the black community and the Jewish community in Crown Heights, including riots and the murder of the Lubavitcher Jew, Yankel Rosenbaum. Oct 08, George Majchrzak rated it really liked it. The play also provides many contradictory descriptions of the violence that resulted from these emotions, which helps flesh out the truth of the historical events.

It was dreadful and tedious to go on.

These are extreme views, but normal citizens—such as the anonymous teenage girl in “Look in the Mirror” who sees her class as strictly divided into black, Hispanic, and white groups, or the anonymous young man in the scene “Wa Wa Wa,” who groups Lubavitcher Jews with the police—seem to acknowledge no common cultural or geographical identity between races.

Miller then argues that the black community in Crown Heights is extremely anti-Semitic. The Crown Heights Riots are almost beside the point for better or worseused here like a particle accelerator: Malamud blames black community leaders for instigating the riots and blames the police for letting them get out of control. Smith is a historian, in the sense that her goal is to gather a multiplicity of perspectives in order to focus on the truth of the past.


I will definitely be considering this while writing my dissertation; her depictions of racial, gender, and cultural differences are fascinating, without providing answers.

Robert Sherman then contends that the English language is insufficient for describing and understanding race relations. I was trying to explain it was my kid!

A year later, Sharpton became closely involved with the case of Tawana Bradley, a fifteen-year-old black girl who claimed she had been raped by five or six white men, one of whom had a police badge. Physicist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has since written and performed four additional plays, including Twilight: It’s not just that the judges are self-interested theater people voting their opinions and prejudices, or that the prizes are so clearly designed to boost box office, or that internecine competition is incompatible with a creative process based on difference.

Jun 22, Abbie rated it liked it. The transcripts on the page are at best a back-up to be reviewed after screening. Jan 27, Kylie rated it liked it Shelves: Fires in the Mirror was Smith’s major breakthrough.

Smith implies that a central motif of the play, searching for an image of an individual’s identity, is comparable to seeing in a mirror a burning flame that consumes any notion of the complex, interrelated, historically aware conception of what identity really is.

Published September 1st by Anchor first published Overall, both communities did not have respect for their cultures therefore, they said whatever they want to get on each others’ bad side.

Perhaps the Tonys have gotten too predictable for sustained indignation. The author depicts hate crimes committed by African Americans against Jews as a situation where “misunderstandings” and “cultural differences are the cause? Fascinating exploration into the roles we play in American society. The incendiaries stoke these fires.