Mel Bay Flatpicking Guitar Ear Training Course by Brad Davis () – Music. On the audio CD which accompanies the Flatpicking the Blues book Brad Davis of the blues remember to check out Brad Davis’ Blues Ear Training Course. We have had two articles appear in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Pencils and Standard Music or Tab paper OR Computer Notation program.

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Certainly, Tony Rice could do it, but it is much more common in swing styles. Arnold was skinny before he worked out for months and years. Continue note-by-note or phrase-by-phrase until you traiing a logical stopping place.

Flatpicking Guitar Ear Training Course

If the solo moves to the fifth and sixth strings of the guitar, it gets harder to distinguish the individual notes. Using these rules as a guide and your ear as a tool, play the CD and pause the recording ccourse the first suspected chord change.

The last note and the highest note in coufse strummed in a chord often the first string is a good clue of the capo position. By combining the effects of the variable speed and half speed controls, I can find a place where the music is slower and the low guitar notes are understandable.

Tips on Ear Training

Make adjustments and move on. The result is that you then hear the passage half as fast and one octave lower than it was originally recorded.

I asked Joe who taught it to him, and he said that he figured it out by listening to the record. If you thing you have found the key, let’s now focus on the guitar part. Slides and open strings are often indications that the guitarist is shifting position.


You’re not as confident or adept at finding notes on it as you are on your voice. Here are my tricks of transcription. The other was by Dan Huckabee and was printed in Volume 1, Number 4.

Continue until you have completed the solo. Listen to the recording again and try to “hear” what position the rhythm guitar is playing in. Flatt and Scruggs tuned high on many of their early recordings to achieve a bright tone.

Come to think of it, I’ve never so much as sent Joe a Christmas card in thanks for changing my life, but maybe he’ll see this article or I’ll run into him through e-mail and thank him that way.

Flatpicking Guitar Ear Training Course : Brad Davis :

I’ve tried learning to play by ear and found it very difficult. If this checks out, move on. They are both re-printed here: By coursee the record on the ol’ turntable and doing a lot of huntin’ and peckin’. In those days, there were no famous stars teaching video guotar, or books with “artist transcriptions”. If you think the song is in the Key of F, where would it most likely be played on the guitar?

Try to find that note you are humming, on your guitar. Sign Up or Sign In.

The process may curse only a few minutes, but transcriptions may take up one entire lesson or more. David Gilstrap posted a status “Anyone know if flat pick magazine has Margret’s Waltz in a particular issue? With guitar in hand and a standard record player on the floor, John would place his foot against the side of the record.


Please check your trajning settings or contact your system administrator. What I’ve done for the past 20 years, is provided a place for people to call to get the machines, and ask questions about how you do it. Gkitar other words, even capoed at the 4th fret, a “G” chord sound like a G chord because of the order of intervals in that particular chord shape.

Tips on Ear Training – Flatpicking Guitar Network

Hey, what have you just done? After many years of teaching guitar, I realize I have been holding out on my students. I’ll listen and decide whether the student is ready for this material and if so, I’ll write out the chord progression or transcribe the solo into tab or standard notation for the student. Some tralning guitarists, mostly in rock music, tune their guitars down a step or more for a bigger sound.

You won’t be looking around for it, your fingers will intuitively go to the right trqining with no mistakes. These may be very obvious to many of you, but it has to be said: