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This FM or chapter supersedes FM , which describes the M MG in the automatic rifle role. This chapter also describes the weapon and the types of. No. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY. Washington, DC, 31 January . *This publication supersedes FM , 29 February FM CREW-SERVED MACHINE GUNS, MM AND MM; M, MM MACHINE GUN; M60, MM MACHINE GUN; MB, MM.

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Reload and continue to fire. 3-2.68 the face of the piston into the receiver, aligning the bolt lugs onto the receiver rails. The sliding scale is marked or graduated with index lines.

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Brush or wipe the weapon, or wash with water, and rinse. Clockwise to the right rotations decrease elevation, while counterclockwise to the left rotations increase elevation. If it does not fire, he clears the weapon removes the round using a clearing rod, with the cover closed. The weapon will function without the spring, but this weakens the firing pin action. Use towelettes from the MA1 kit to wipe off the weapon. Disassemble the weapon as completely as time permits.

Provides storage area for lubricant in grip portion. If a stoppage occurs, and if the cocking handle cannot be pulled to the rear by hand the bolt may be fully forward and locked or only partially forwardthe gunner takes the following steps:. The ammunition can contains two plastic ammunition drums. The M tripod provides a stable mount for the M, and it permits a high degree of accuracy and control.


The same procedure is used to clean the receiver. The rounds should be placed flat across the feed tray. Make sure the open side of the links is facing down, and place the lead link tab or first round of the belt in the tray groove against the cartridge stop. If it gets wet or dirty, the ammunition must be wiped off before use. The empty belt links are forced out of the link ejection port as the rearward movement of the bolt causes the next round to be positioned in the tray groove.

This locks together the piston assembly and the slide assembly. It is a captured pin. For more details, see FM The cover assembly should remain open without support.


The bipod group is used to fire from the prone position. The use of the lubricant does not eliminate the need for cleaning and inspecting to ensure that corrosion has not formed.

The cycle stops when the trigger is released and the sear again engages the sear notch on the piston. The weapon functions automatically as long as ammunition is fed into it, and the trigger is held to the rear.

Be careful not to use too much pressure, so as not to break -322.68 tip of the scraper. Moves 3-2268 a guide rail fixed to the right side of the receiver.


Open the cover assembly on the receiver. He does not use anything other than a cleaning rod.

FM 3-22.68 Crew Served Machine Guns, 5.56-mm and 7.62-mm

Many of the actions occur at the same time. The components of the M machine gun and their purposes are described in Table and shown Figure Oil collects dust and other abrasives that may possibly damage the operating parts of the weapon. Place the index fingers of each hand inside the chamber.

Then, insert the free end of the operating rod and spring into the rear of the piston. It is identified by a green tip, has a projectile weight of 62 grains, and is 2. Engraved on the bar is a scale, which measures direction in mils. To center the sight, he rotates the windage knob toward the center right while counting the appropriate number of clicks. The belt-holding pawl must be under spring tension. The procedures, in order, are as follows:.

Replace the heat shield by placing the hook end of the heat shield under the front sight post and press down until the clamps lock on the barrel.

As the bolt starts its forward movement, the feed lever is forced to the right, causing the feed-pawl 3-22.6 to turn in the opposite direction.