FMC Technologies is a market leader in supplying thermal wellhead systems for heavy oil applications. Technology developed in Canada over the past 25 years . Rated for working pressures to 15, psi, FMC Subsea Drilling Systems offers UWD subsea wellheads for a complete range of shallow and deepwater. FMC offers surface wellheads and trees for WAS with equipment designed with special considerations for minimizing wellhead and tree height and weight for.

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Sale of Wellhead Exploration for Jack-Up Applications Business to TechnipFMC

These figures are given to the Indeed users for the purpose of generalized comparison only. All FMC Energy Systems employees are responsible for With safety as a top-down, bottom-up responsibility — and with results tied to management and employee performance appraisals — our formal HSE safety program identifies and rewards behaviors that improve safety practices.

It provides the proper compression and squeeze even with the larger API casing tolerances. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a member, please click here. A smaller fixture is used to apply bending, tension and torsion simultaneously, up to 1 million ft. Be the first to see new Fmc Technologies jobs My email: Sizes, configurations and materials are available for virtually any application.

Then it can be screwed onto the coupling. Upper stem packing is easily removed. It is compatible only with single-string TC-Series tubing hangers and packoffs. A separate gate-lift nut contains the mating threads instead of the gate itself. Oil port can be rotated degrees for easy alignment of power-source control line.

They were successfully tested to oF. Los Angeles, California – Eaton. The tubing head adapter provides a transition between the Christmas tree and the tubing head. In the process of listening to your needs and fulfilling them with appropriate technology, we developed a line of drilling products that have become the industry’s standards for safety, performance and cost-effectiveness. Utilizes internal latches or lockdown screws for retention of seals.


Proven, cost effective solution for shallowwater marginal field development. PI Seals These seals consist of a T-cap seal element, nonextrusion rings and a receiver ring. These clamp segments pull the integral mating hubs together as the nuts are tightened. Is available in various ID and OD combinations to adapt casing spools and tubing heads to different casing sizes. The SBMS-II is normally used on production casing where extreme temperature fluctuations are anticipated or in critical-service applications.

Your FMC Surface Wellhead technicians can help prevent costly workover rig and crew downtime by identifying and documenting the installed equipment and verifying the proper functioning of all wellhead components before the rig arrives. The HP is the product identifier; the PN references pneumatic piston, and the 38 refers to the piston size. FMC’s HC subsea wellhead system also incorporates a unique independent load distribution mechanism to support up to four million pounds of combined casing string capacity plus full 20, psi blowout preventer test pressure.

FMC Wellhead Screenshot

Is designed to operate up to 10, psi wp. The seat is recessed to help ensure that the seal contact surface is not damaged when the packoff is installed. It is the newest offering in our Series Gate Valve. A extended or B flush mount Actuator Type: Pressure to 22, psi using nitrogen gas or CO2.

Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers

The adapter can remain attached to the drilling riser system for subsequent wellheead. In general, metal seals last longer and provide more reliable service, especially in critical applications.

It has three aligning pins and is compatible with all TC-Series tubing hangers and packoffs, including the TC dual-split hanger. Easily apply 19 days ago – save job – more Assembler salaries in Jackson, MS Learn more about working at Eaton Eaton questions about work, benefits, interviews and wrllhead process: For example, the designator for a pneumatic piston actuator is HP-PN Multiple-String Tubing Hangers and Packoffs TC-Series multiple-string hangers and packoffs permit the independent suspension and sealing of multiple-tubing strings, allowing simultaneous production or injection to or from separate zones.


Description The diverter wellhead assembly attaches to the conductor pipe by the use of the time-saving Slip Loc connection. O-C-T had a better idea, along with better completion wellhead components.

The casing head is wwellhead lowest part of the wellhead assembly and is almost always connected to the surface casing string. They also felt such a system would be easier and safer to install and safer over the life of the wells, and that it would save them rig time during installation.

Has a quick-disconnect hand wheel.

These fully symmetrical valves effectively seal against flow in either direction. Has a nonrising stem. Outlets are provided for annular access.

II clamps for drilling risers and connections. Standard Flanged Single Unihead? Our multinational engineering teams and service technicians are deployed and supported globally, and most of them have built their experience locally before they came to our engineering hubs. The first step in the engineering process is materials selection, with the main lines of emphasis on metals, elastomers and lubricants. Flange or clamp hub 2.

If the weolhead requires, FMC Surface Wellhead also supplies various types of adapters that will accommodate continuous control-line capabilities. This undercut area minimizes scratching or scuffing of the seal surfaces which can occur during drilling operations. Every day, thousands of employers search Indeed. Lubricator mounts on the gate valve outlet flange. Indeed helps people get jobs: