FMM Directory of Malaysian Industries The Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) is pleased to announce the release of its 44th edition of the . Special Package. Top up RM (Normal Rate RM2,) for additional Full Page advertisement in. Business In Action (Bi-monthly newsletter of. Federation of. FMM Members. • Major Bookstores in Malaysia. • Business Institutions and. Trade Organisations. • Ministries, Government. Departments and Agencies. • Foreign.

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Salary directody of executive and 45 non-executive positions are included in the Report. The main objective is to share the lessons learned so that future researchers can benefit from it.

The 8th annual nationwide Salary Survey Report monitors salaries, increments, bonuses as well as employment conditions of executive and non-executive employees in the manufacturing sector.

Information will include updates on trade agreements signed by Malaysia with partner countries and sirectory alerts will help members take advantage of market opportunities created by liberalization and internationalization of trade around the world. Not only high responses are desired but good quality data too. Overseas Buyer Overseas Seller.

Without dash, space Please enter a valid phone number. Skip to main content. For further enquiries, please contact Ms FloranceS. The section on Human Resource and Industrial Relations will provide some guidance on how to handle and manage problems relating to wages, annual leave termination of employment, etc.

Without dash, space Please enter a valid area code. Exporting to Indonesia Venue: This paper attempts to highlight challenging issues before, during and after data collection in more detail and to tmm lessons learned at every stage.


Despite the wealth of guidelines from the literature in conducting empirical research, the actual data collection process not only is time consuming, tedious but challenging. Meanwhile, hardcopy mail survey was sent together with a cover letter addressed to the head of the company e. The above rates apply to sales over the counter.

The paper concludes with industrie based on lessons learned in each stage.

Institute of World Business Law. However, the compilation task is tedious and messy mainly because of overlapping listing and unclear product category entries, especially in the MATRADE directory.

Some respondents suggested that the words be made simpler and the number of items reduced, especially for the first f,m of the questionnaire. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

New FTAs are being negotiated with other countries as well. FMM Salary, Benefits and Employment Conditions Survey in the Manufacturing Sector for the Year The 8th annual nationwide Salary Survey Report monitors salaries, increments, bonuses as well as employment conditions of executive and non-executive employees in the manufacturing sector.

After screening for and removing of overlapping data, the final list consists of companies.

MREPC e-Library

After coding the responses, there are a total of 6 blank items from 6 different respondents, 2 unengaged respondents who answer all items with the same value. Malaysiam design and sample size are common topics that can be found in research methodology textbooks, hence they are not discussed here.


The third section with 10 items assessing operational complexity using 7 point Likert scale and the final section has 10 items to capture the general information of the respondent.

Please enter your enquiry or comments. Please enter a valid country code. Please enter a valid email address. The selection followed the sequence from the randomized master mailing list. Hence, 3 responses have to be discarded, 6 blank items replaced with mean value of the item and note indusyries on the 2 unengaged responses, temporary remain as usable data until further analysis. Hence, the best method in Malaysia organizational research is still hardcopy mail survey.

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This study uses a malayxian sampling design of disproportionate stratified random sampling. In Malaysia, every agency related to manufacturing industry has it own sets of directory and classification. The tracking feature enables reminders to be sent to only those who did not respond, calculation of response rate, easy management on mailing list, amongst some of the useful features.

The ICT Solutions offered by the companies are as follows: Please enter your phone number.

FMM Johor Branch

Please enter your company. The instrument for data collection is questionnaires. Sourcing for Imports and Exports. Kuantan – Kuantan Country: