Find great deals for Endress Hauser Prosonic FMU Ultrasonic Transmitter Measuring System. Shop with confidence on eBay!. matrix fmu – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. FMU Ultrasonic Measurement Operating Instructions. FMU FMU FMU Endress + Hauser The Power of Know How.

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Power supply unit 24 V DC for sensor heatingwith integrated overvoltage protection for power supply. Changing over the current output to Two additional settings allow that the switching behaviour of the relay to be modified: Close operating plate and tighten screws. The tank is filledand the volume is measured e. Installation;contains instructions on installation and electrical connectionsas well as technical data. With the last pair of values the largest volume to be measured and thecorresponding level should be entered.

Explosion hazardous areaSymbol 680 in drawings to indicate explosion hazardous areas. Level measurement Flow measurement Differential dmu 1: Fmj matrix positions for channel 2 are on the right of the step-for-step entries. At the remaining instruments the terminating resistance must be switche off: Optionally, the bus power can be supplied by this instrument: Analog Input, Analog Input, Counter.

The plug-in module can be retrofitted. When the external dmu switch responds, the relays react in accordancewith the analogue output setting Min. Safe area non-explosion hazardous area Symbol used in drawings to indicate, if necessary, non-explosion hazardous areas. Note the settingsWhen entering the parameters the values entered can be noted in the table on page If a potential compensation cable is laid with the cable colour code YE-GNthen it is not to be electrically connected to the shielding.


Touch an earthed object before handling the board. The current output for channel 1 is fum by the measurand of channel 1 in fieldV0H0 or the current output for channel 2 in V4H0.

In a protective housing IP 66 for wall or post mounting in the field or control room In a separate operating unit for control panel mounting, when the board withthe transmitter electronics can be mounted separately. With the first pair of values the smallest fmi to be measured and thecorresponding level should be entered.

Further information on error responses are described in Section 9.

Setting is carried out 8660 three steps: After entering a characteristic code, the maximum flow exceeds this vale and causesa signal overrun.

Although the fault recognition system of the transmmitter remainscapable of operating i. Main value 1In order to transmit only main value 1, select the module Analog Input.

Manual Prosonic Fmu – [PDF Document]

Main value 1 and flow counterIn order to transmit main value 1 and the flow counter, select the modules in the fol-lowing order: Close the protective cover. In this case the installation of separatemeans of protection against overflow or running dry is recommended.

The entries relating to the level for linearization and entry for emptyadjustment must both refer to the same zero point. Other instruments can be connected to the Prosonic transmitter for special applications: For further settings, set either the analogue output see chapter 6 or a relay seechapter 7.


Endresse Hauser FMU 860 Ultrasonic measurement

Ist eine Linearisierung des gemittelten Wertes gewnscht, mu die Linearisierung imKanal 2 erfolgen. Provided 806 all participants support them, very high transmission rates are possible.

You canenter a maximum of 32 pairs of values. Diagnosis and Trouble-shooting;contains a description of the fault response,error messages, a trouble-shooting table, suppression of interference signals, simulation and instructions for replacement of the transmitter or sensor Section The length unit is changed inmatrix field V8H3. In addition,some matrix fields contain information on the system, e. An alarm can also be selected which is activatedwhen ffmu critical ratio is exceeded.

Endress Hauser Prosonic FMU Ultrasonic Transmitter Measuring System | eBay

For crest length greater than 8. Thetypes of linearization, horizontal, cylindrical tank and tank with conical outlet, aredescribed in sections 4.

Also for all volume entries the numerical values entered must always refer tothe same dimensional unit. After activating linearization, these points are sorted according to increasing leveland subjected to a plausibility check. Level measurement withany unitsThe following entries are only necessary when no linearization is made afterwards. Power switch When using the public powers supply, install an easily accectable power switch in rmu of the device.

The Analog-Input and physical blocks contain standard parameters, fmh parameters and manufacturer-specific parameters.