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How do I re register an auto-entrepreneur business in France? When can I expect my business registration document? What is the purpose of form SD? How do I change VDI business status to auto-entrepreneur? Social charges and tax for auto-entrepreneur business? How do I claim on my business training allowance? Can I forrmulaire business as a graphic designer in France formulaie have a UK business? How is the auto-entrepreneur pension calculated in France? Error with regestration on net-entreprises Declaration on net-entrepries fprmulaire cheque?


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Confirmation de votre courriel. Compulsory 30 hours training course before registering a business in France?

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Démarches : qui contacter ?

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If you want to ask your own auto-entrepreneur questions, or other questions related to business in France, I’ll be happy to answer. Do I need to register my business somewhere else in France?

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