It does not swallow energy like raw MDF. The four-inch Fostex FEEZ is an amazing driver. Not as directive as the bigger siblings, it has marvelous midrange . : Fostex FEEZ ‘Sigma’ – 4″ full range driver with paper cone and ferrite magnet. Fostex FEEZ Sigma Diametermm. Fibre Cone Full Range Features include a unique Hyperbolic Paraboloid shell diaphragm, UDR taniential edge.

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Page 1 of 3. Also a Ferrari is a Fiat with a fancy engine. But after we get the right sound, we have to think about the home into which it will fit.

Conventional wisdom would dictate the use of a high Q driver one with ample bump at its resonant frequency in a large box to achieve a max-flat alignment. Could you tell me a bit more about the Fostex driver? This means that the lighter cone has less inertia so it should be “faster” or easier to move. But I also discovered that fe1008ez sound meant absolute integrity of harmonics.

Fostex FE EZ Sigma Fullrange buy at

You can find information on our web site at www. Especially pics of the inside or drawings is fostez here. Concerti v3 might ff108ez might not feature slot openings on the mouth’s sides to equalize the high mouth pressure with the low room pressure, designed after gun silencers.

There is a Mr. Thu Jun 11, 8: Blind people never hit walls. This compressed air naturally wants to decompress so it acts on the horn path’s volume of air.

I listened casually over a couple of hours and then suddenly, somehow, those aforementioned colorations didn’t offend as much. Using a critically damped design meaning a box with a larger volume of air than what would be required for a max-flat alignment gave us just enough volume to fit the driver and amplifier in a one cubic foot box and still get in-room extension to 15Hz with no boominess, just ultra fast transients.


Connectors are Cardas OFC. There was little in the way of precise imaging, soundstaging or any of the standard qualities one expects of a high-end design. After all those headaches, we finally found the properly dedicated, quality foatex bunch of artisans. For instance, all flstex Concerti v2 will feature leather wrapping inside the horn mouth to kill any HF content that might still be present in the path. My results seemed to question the low frequency claims as well.

The FirstHorn model has been dicontinued a while ago and this design was the basis of the VFlex.

The talk died down and I had not thought about Gemme Audio until the original post in this thread. My sample does not sport one. This review confirms that bass response does not get down that far and paints a pretty ugly picture of the response between Hz. We changed woodworking shops three times before finding the right CNC shop to cut the parts, the right craftsman to assemble the parts, the right paint shop to get perfect finish, the right machine shop to machine steel and brass and aluminum parts, the right finisher for chrome and zinc plating and buffing.

He was impressed with the sound and was interested in selling the same speakers to others. I mounted them in a couple of Voigt pipes i’ve got The driver is mounted on a birch plywood plate finished with a compound called Effecta Gomma a form of rubber coating. One at a time.


Fostex FEEZ ‘Sigma’ – € : , Loudspeaker shop

For instance, if we compare the moving mass including air of the FEEZ vs. I did not find any magical low frequency response. It behaves like a horn and a transmission line. You just might forget fussing over traditional audiophile minutiae and instead re-explore your existing record collection and perhaps even expand into other music genres.

That was the hardest part. In order to get some bass output, the Sigma flstex well as all Sigma models and most Fostex drivers in general needs to be loaded by a horn fe108ea.

Fostex FE108EZ 4″ Full Range Sigma Series

The air trapped inside the compression chamber is – well, highly compressed. Each and every pair of the Concerti is built by hand. I also noted that my driver is mounted on a suspended plate whereas others seem to be mounted directly to the front baffle. It would be great to see some “for free” Vivace drawings on the internet, so all the homebrewing fostsx could be able to make a copy.

DIY Audio Projects Forum

Exotic woods are bred. Considering that Robert was so forthcoming and enthusiastic Ve108ez wish all manufacturers were this helpfulI thought it best to condense our email exchanges into a quasi interview. Regarding the piano finish, it’s very important to understand that we do not use automotive finishes i.

It turns out that horn- loaded speakers, while hardly perfect, offer a totally different yet completely valid listening experience that may startle those raised on conventional dynamic speakers. Now that was interesting: