VF08 – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Fostex vf 8-track digital multitracker • Read online or download PDF • Fostex VF User Manual. Vf08 owner’s manual, V supplement • Read online or download PDF • Fostex VF08 User Manual.

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With the vari pitch function, the pitch changes according to the speed.

A mark is shown. Advanced OperationTrack bounce Ping-pong recording When the number of empty tracks is short in the recording process, you can solve the problem by transferringaudio on the multiple already-recorded tracks to a different track or tracks. If the external device only provides the optical digital output, use the Fostex C.

You can also cancel the vocal or lead guitar solo which is positioned in the center, allowing you to replace it withyour vocal or guitar like a karaoke.

It seems to be decent quality, though. The selected offset mode will be set.

Model scsi card | Fostex VF User Manual | Page 3 / 3 | Original mode

The digital mixer section features a high-performance DSP multi-effect processor employing the A. Loop Function Fkstex the loop function, you can repeat the desired part between the Start and End points. FreeThis is the mode whereby after chaselocking, it will free run by the internalclock of VF08 or the digital in clockfrom the external equipment shouldthe time drift away from that of themaster.


You can set the device ID from 00 to You have to adjust the recording level now.

Sort by most recent most useful. Recorder Functions Enter a mark title Adding a mark You can enter or edit a title for each mark Tracks1 through 8 are called “Real tracks” which you canrecord, playback and edit. There are four audio editing functions. Page 49 Mixer FunctionsScene sequenceUsing the scene sequence function, you can recall desired scene memories at the desired mark positions duringplayback. Page 46 Mixer Functions Chorus effect parameters parameter type: Reformatting the hard diskThe menu to select the format type appears.

When the recording signal is digitally transferred from the VF08 to the recorder, because a digital recorder usu- ally does not provide the function for controlling the digital input level, you must adjust the recording level by controlling the stereo output level of the VF08 us- ing the [MASTER] fader. This section describe program-related operations. The following describes about settings for level, pan, EQ and effects. If no file is recorded on the disk, “New File” blinks.


This section describe program-related operations. Mixer FunctionsEffect parameter detailsThe parameters that can be adjusted will depend on the parameter type. Page foste Recording onto fistex master recorder Each time you make a recording, an independentaudio file is created on each recorded track.

Model 8340 scsi card – Fostex VF-08 User Manual

The selected item will be set. The display will appear as follows, according to theprevious format type. Mixing After recording all tracks 1 through 8you can tailor the sound of each track.

The following procedure assumes that thenewly formatted “clean” disk is used for backup. Then polish with a dry cloth.

Downloading to your computer – You can also download the user manual Fostex VF08 to your computer and keep it in your files. Don’t have an account? Using the loop function, you can repeat the dostex part between the Start and End points. Got it, continue to print. Reverb effect parameters parameter type: Page 95 During gostex save operation over more than one backup disk, the VF08 always calculates the available space of the disk automatically.