RENE A. WORMSER CONTENTS PREFACE by drazilla carroll reece v .. Asked about the power of foundations to influence independent thought and action in. Rene Wormser was the counsel for a congressional committee commissioned to investigate the great tax-exempt foundations. Despite opposition from the. Foundations, their power and influence. Front Cover. René Albert Wormser. Devin-Adair Co., – Social Science – pages.

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Then he becomes a teacher, at a salary sometimes below that of an ordi- nary laborer. He quotes an example of a meeting foundationw twenty top scientists in a particular field for the purpose of listen- ing to the plans of a chairman of a great foundation.

Such co- operation has often led to public scandal. Such dangers have been demonstrated by public investigators and by private ob- servers in the potential and real influence of foundation power in the field of politics.

It is an old super- stition. The In- ternal Revenue Service disclosed in that it had revoked its tax exemption.

It came about largely through the use of intermediary organizations to which foundations could donate wholesale funds for retailing grants. Concentration on graduates of a few major institutions, which also supply most of the directors of the Council, who since a change of by-laws are chosen by the Council board, not any longer freely elected by constituent as- sociations.

The work of both the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations in some fields of medicine, public health, and science, for example, de- serves the thanks of the American people.

Foundations: Their Power and Influence

Steel Corporation and himself a prominent philanthropist, stated his belief in the capital- ist system. Absten- tion from voting, where there is a conflict of interest, does not adequately wormzer the public. I am not sure what Mr. Kevin marked it as to-read Aug 16, It means that members of the LID think and work for the elimination of capitalism, and the substitution for it of a new order, in whose building the purposeful and passionate thinking of the student and worker today will play an important part.

Of the big six, only Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Pew reported assets at market value.


Such objectives might conceivably be political, in which event, combinations of huge foundations created by huge corpora- tions could constitute a potential highly dangerous to our society.

Wormser, who was general counsel to the committee of which I was chairman and is widely recognized foudnations America and Europe as outstanding in the field of estate planning and taxation. By closely cooperating foundations, which themselves in- terlock through directorates.

The large number of famous names on the list of trustees is due to an old superstition that our institutions must be headed by a famous group of men. Foundatilns influence is obvious even when the foundation making grants insists on the contrary.

Rusk’s plea for cooperation among foundations and the arguments given for industrial cartels and wormsef regulated com- petition — for that matter, with the rationale for a socialist planned economy.

But the Kinsey incident does show that comparatively small donations may have big repercussions in the realm of ideas. Their Ajd and Influence by Rene A. The creation of a new foundation very often serves the purpose of contributing to a favorable public opinion for the person or corporation that endows it.

It disturbed this Congressional Committee that no agency of government had any information of consequence on the subject, nor any data regarding the resultant unfair competitive advan- tages enjoyed by foundations operating in business fields. They must be so dedicated.

Foundations, their power and influence – René Albert Wormser – Google Books

If, therefore, this study will use some of the less flattering data on tax-exempt operations uncovered by the Congressional investiga- tion, the purpose is not to create a stereotyped prejudice against foundations in general. Established to study the interrelationships of spon- sored research from the viewpoints of federal agencies, industriesand foundationssponsoring such research, and the effect on institutions doing the thei. This more recent generation of students, while equally impressed with the potentials of control of education and of public affairs in general by self-perpetuating, wealthy organizations beyond public con- trol, has become concerned over the danger of foundation support of various undesirable concepts and movements having political implications.

This is a corporation in the nature of a foundation, which plays a very important part in government research. The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a substan- tial foundation, but a dwarf compared with the giants like Ford, Rockefeller, and the Carnegie Corporation, has achieved stupen- dous importance and anr. Com- plaints of this kind have been registered against the Ford Motor Company.


The state laws which govern the creation of foundations give considerable lati- tude. They have genuine stature and deserve every bit of the success and acclaim which they have earned by intelligence, en- ergy, and common sense in their own industrial fields.

Is the difference essential, or only a matter of degree, be- tween an organization of scientists influwnce authors subject to the mone- tary control of power cliques and the so-called associations and academies operating in totalitarian countries?

Founda- tions per se are neither good nor bad. In his book he deals with the disastrous impact of organization techniques on the life of America.

Foundations : Their Power and Influence by René A. Wormser | Earth Emperor

A study of the place of foundations in our society thfir for an initial clarification of the method applied in such an inquiry. The range of outside positions ran from o to This might constitute a counterforce to the influence of the foun- dation complex were it not for the fact that, to a great extent, the same persons who control or expend the funds of the infljence in the social-science fields also direct or advise on the expenditures of the Federal government in these influnce.

Almost all foundations are created under state law, and their rights and privileges are, for the most part, determined by state law. This influence reaches the public through the schools and acad- demies, through publicity, and through educational and other as- sociations dedicated to public and international affairs. There may have been some incon- sistency in that he implored foundations not to wait for applications but to initiate their own programs, while at the same time he cautioned them against propaganda.