The grade-level goals on the F&P Text Level Gradient™ are intended to provide general Irene C. Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell. F&P TEXT LEVEL. A gradient of texts is a tool that helps you look at texts along a continuum from easiest to most challenging. Fountas and Pinnell have identified ten factors that. Fountas & Pinnell Text Gradient. Level. A. B. Kindergarten. C. D. E. Grade One. F. G. H. I. J. Grade Two. K. L. M. N. Grade Three. O. P. Q. Grade Four. R. S. T. U.

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Good First Teaching for All Students ina focused professional book that offered practical advice and discussions of research-based practice in this area. Highly effective teaching provides a range of opportunities with different texts for different purposes.

Fouuntas actually experience a variety of texf at varied levels in a rich literacy program. When a student can successfully work through most of the text independently, he is not overwhelmed and can attend to a small amount of new learning.

Fountas and Pinnell’s products and teachings are rooted in the work of Marie Clay whose meticulous study of the complexity of the reading process, through detailed coding of thousands of readings, showed that when a text is too difficult for the child the process breaks down and the child does not develop inner control of effective actions for processing texts. The concept of arranging texts in a gradient of difficulty has many important advantages for teachers.

Reading well means reading with deep, high quality comprehension and gaining maximum insight or knowledge from each source. Crawling Out of the Classroom In everything that my students and I do together, we strive adn find ways to use reading and writing to make the world founhas of our classroom a better place for all of us to be. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Harvard University Press; Vygotsky, L. There are several approaches to determining the level of complexity of a text.


The most challenging task was to think about what the reader needs to be able to do at each level to read with accuracy, understanding, and fluency. Notify me of new comments via email.

Fountas and Pinnell Resource The F&P Text Level Gradient™—Re

In our best efforts to use assessment indicators, we want to be sure that tet purposes best serve the children we teach and give families the important information they need. Our goal is to provide a multitude of high pinnelo learning opportunities for every child. Think what it would be like to process a hard text day after day. Learn to Analyze Texts to Support Literacy Development A gradient of texts is a tool that helps you look at texts along a continuum from easiest to most challenging.

The trend in education, as it has been for a while, is to find ways fountax explicitly measure that which, in real life, is messy, complex, and prone to influences outside the realm of school.

Usually you can notice that comprehension is lost and the reader resorts to inefficient means of solving words. With every good intention, the levels may have been applied by professionals in ways we would not have intended.

50 Gradients of Grey

By Irene Fountas, Author and Director of the Center for Reading Recovery and Literacy Collaborative This post was originally published on October 23, When my colleague Gay Su Pinnell and I created a gradient of text for teachers to use in selecting books for small group reading, we were excited about its potential for helping teachers make good text decisions to support the progress of readers. Cancel reply Enter your comment here If ordering a quantity of or more, please contact Customer Service.


In addition, an important key feature of the Common Core State Standards is to provide students with a grade-by-grade staircase of increasing text complexity and steady growth of comprehension.

Of course our students need a reading diet that includes more than leveled texts. View all posts by shawnacoppola. Our alphabetic gradient is widely used by teachers for this purpose and has become an essential tool for effective teaching in guided reading lessons. A side-by-side comparison of the original gradient and the current gradient is below:. By Irene Fountas The concept of arranging texts in a gradient of difficulty has many important advantages for teachers.

Vountas you become familiar with these factors, you will be able to look at texts more analytically and determine how these aspects affect the challenges that a given text might present to readers. With daily teaching, the teacher helps the child tetx the ladder of text difficulty with success. The goal of guided reading is to bring the child to the level of complex texts appropriate for the grade, in doing so, teaching must begin with where the child is able to engage with some success, so that there is a point of contact, thereby engaging test child’s development of a self-extending system for processing texts.

Notify me of new posts pknnell email. When the text poses enough challenge, but not too much, the child has opportunities with effective, explicit teaching to build his network of effective problem solving actions.