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They should identify the target consumer, consider any creative needs, and establish an overall budget, too. Seeking permanent home – Top 60 only. Present it as “continuous music You have to bring in people who really know what to talk about and how to be entertaining.

Jimmy Bowen, Suzy Bogguss Wr: Concepts such as OES Optimum Effective Scheduling recommend much higher spot levels sometimes in excess of per week per fora to build effective campaigns. We’ve done ff0600 premieres where our personalities get By The Numbers Many broadcasters will say if you’re an AM playing music, you don’t stand a chance.

Goode seeking to do satellite tracks out of South Florida. Ironically, both “cult” and “cyclone” can be traced back to the same ancestor, an Indo- European term reconstructed as kwel. I was in love from the moment I laid eyes on her. He can be reached at 6.

Furao Catlogo Kennametal – [PDF Document]

The impact of these features would have to be included in post -analysis procedures. It’s quality creative and quaky control; total cr0600 from start to finish But, enough about us, what about you?


A multitude of production beds in a wide variety of categories. In the Spring ’93 Arbitron survey, “Magic 6” placed torma among 49 rated signals with a 4.

Hosted by MCA act Wynonna, the six -hour program will feature interviews and live performances by various country artists.

She previously was head of Creative Services at Island Records. Females and ‘minorities encouraged. Our biggest problem is becoming inventory – August was completely sold out in July. But we treat it the same way, because it’s not typical fare for us. How much of your success do you owe to Rush Limbaugh? You can interview local police and spokespersons, announce hotline numbers, and give away station promotion items supporting the event!

East of the Mississippi.

Heavy, Medium 9, Light 96, Total Adds 7: This could be your break. Keith Hinton, Brett Cartwright Pub: Be smart, call Metro Networks. August Album In Stores: No phone calls please. High- profile, will get top stories.

Damn cannibals, all of ’em!

Warner Tamerlane Publishing Corp. Over different rr0600 beds, plus mix -outs and free software. Radio audience levels would have to be projected into the future during the negotiation process before post -buys have any relevance.

Put my strengths to work for your station. That’s why America’s leading programmers and consultants agree that targeting core is the strategy for the 90’s. Gordon Liddy and Yankees baseball in evenings, and Jay Diamond in the late night slot. In country now, don’t miss out. He’s an outstanding guy who will do a good job. Leading stations say, “I want more core in my call out!


Furao Catlogo Kennametal

New artists have not yet had a UC Breaker. All ad campaigns aim for the same result: Numerous If anybody asks, we’ll tell them the truth.

For the past nine months, its lone musical programming has been Saturday and Sunday afternoon theme shows – and only when there’s no sports conflict. This column will focus on defensive warfare for your station. CI Use benchmarks to encour- Vg listeners to remember your station. Increasingly, successful stations focus on their core, and the audiences of format competitors and sharing stations.

Six -year vet, will do Country or Classic Rock for you.


Gets you there and on the air. Forna still evolving – partially based on the market and partially on KFOG’s need to stay fresh, throw diversions at itself, and constantly improve. I’ll explain why we did it and that radio is, after all, an entertainment medium – theater of the mind and all that.

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