Feel free to muse along! Monday, May 19, [Trollbabe] Why trollbabes aren’t dogs. This is a post about Ron Edward’s RPG Trollbabe () and It has definitely been the case that I’ve seen and played Trollbabe in the. We decided to play Trollbabe, a role playing game by Ron Edwards feminists, who try to create pornography free of sexist assumptions. Trollbabe [Ron Edwards] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Trollbabe – Wikipedia

And I found that little discussion quite inspiring; had I had more free time on my hands, a game would have come out of it for sure. Or is that the player doesn’t realise that such facing up is possible in an RPG, and that his feeling and ideas will be respected?

When I introduce people to narrativistic RPGs, I love to use systems that make it clear from the outset that being “competent” is not the point. As I said, I’ve not played any of these games; if my suggestions are based on mistakes about the actual experience of play, I’d like to know. The whole philosophy of games like Sorcerer and Trollbabe and their similar successors e. Yeah, that’s kind of why I said ‘almost’: The adventure as a whole is not your problem.

Dogs is made for party-based play. But the trollbabe’s goal is stated as “I want to climb the tower. I’d be up for it. It is an outworking of his Narrativist design philosophy. On the one hand we find a kind of rigorous literary definition of what conflict is: In Trollbabe you will not be an amazing skilled character “someday,” you are one right now, from the word go. Right at the beginning of the game, you’re in prison because everyone thinks you’ve killed the king; and then you need to clear your name, ally with people in order to survive, and so on.


Maybe one trollbabe is the mother of the other. Maybe you’d have had more success if the situation had invoked conflicting values. The players have to look at the fiction as it develops and come to a consensus or a decision.

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They’ll start pursuing this job. You’re in a Social Conflict with the local ruler and your Goal is to climb the tower. I’m also still unclear on the prep question, so any clarification there would be great.

The resulting stakes were pretty good, I’d say, especially since they required Lida to either overcome her earlier prejudices and apologise to Balder, or end up defending the sacrifice of trolls. Those who have no attachments are condemned to be shallow.

How would you handle the “lead the zombies into the woods” situation now, if you were playing that session again? Sure, count me in, too. If it’s a Fight, then you have to actually fight the zombies; you can’t just roll Fight to avoid them.

I am genuinely curious – what Magic conflicts have you had that fulfilled those conditions?

If there are other people at the table, indulging that fantasy gets very boring very soon. Specifically, they are “things the players care about that make the characters more effective. That said, I don’t really agree trolkbabe the two of you that The Witcher 2 is such a clear example of the genre we’re talking about.

Rerolls give you the opportunity to succeed where you would otherwise fail, but they also make it possible to become injured or even frree. So I’ll just try to describe what I want. They can beand that’s fine, but it is clear that trollbabes do not usually form adventuring parties. All sides roll dice, and all sides decide how far they want to escalate the conflict. Just being decisive may be more important than being correct.


The original idea wasn’t too engaging for Lida, but then we made the wise decision of giving Balder a good motive for his crusade against the spirits. But how do you make that same thing happen in Trollbabe? If so, let’s roll for it. Relationships are gained by role playing them i.

The Gaming Philosopher: [Trollbabe] System analysis, Lida and the spirits AP, and questions

You probably don’t need to describe what your vampire’s horns look like. Perhaps trollbabes can bear human or troll children, but would they themselves fit into either community? Can one choose to stop there and the other reroll if both fail? Trollgabe social is always your best skill.

A substantial part of that will be me thinking about ways to play this game and trying it out, while engaging with the fiction. That means that, when creating your character, setting the Number is really answering this question: In fact, I’m pretty sure I want to have some of my Dust Devils players read the conflict section to give them a better feel on how I see the deal going down in DD.

Like, if they’re named characters and being snuck past will affect their part of the story, or if the trollbabe wants a conflict with them so she can take them as relationships, or some such thing.