Freeplane allows you to create concept maps, as a textual resource that can be . The Freeplane tutorial is available within Freeplane itself, which you can. Freeplane Tutorial. Freeplane Tutorial Freeplane Tutorial for my HR Mgmt Class. From: Keith Greene Views: 17 ratings Time: More in Howto & Style. The Wiki Tutorial Freeplane contains concrete examples of application areas. The goal of this. Tutorial is to describe the most used functions of Freeplane in a.

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Dr Andus’s toolbox for research, outlining, writing, personal information management and productivity. Thus you can create a concept map with knowing just two functions — add child node insert and add sibling node enter. The pages of the wiki are represented by red-arrow hyperlinks.

Learn Freeplane

One way to bring structure to linear text is to use categories as we have in this wiki. Now remove the part “? Tools Recent Changes Special pages Upload file. Freeplane Screenshot of Freeplane 1. The first stable Freeplane 1. By simply clicking on the left side different tutorail, you can add those icons into your nodes. The latest stable release is 1.


Now the map opens unfolds and you see the branches for websites and for finance. In this particular case the categories of the wiki are represented as underlined hyperlinks. These positions are visible if the cursor is above it. It is a great tool to students to help them organize their thought processes when writing. If you hover over the names, you will see additional information about location and time, which appear in a table of attributes.

Freeplane Bug Cursor focus sometimes fails. See more on the add-ons page.

Taking reading notes with Freeplane | Dr Andus’s toolbox

There are several ways to make independent or semi-independent groups. The uses are endless. The formatting of a floating node is determined by the system style Floating node.

It is even possible to include the incoming and outgoing information in the map, either as hyperlinks or in a special area Notes. These are separately protected. If in the right map you select a chapter e.

Freeplane add-ons can be used to provide a single function, a bundle of multiple functions, bind those functions to a menu item, etc. Notify me of new posts via email.

If you are not English: You may view the examples without having Freeplane installed. This Freeplane Tutorial Extensions describes a Tutorial with basic terms and freeplanr to use the basic Freeplane functions.


Note Taking in FreePlane Examples of how FP can be harnessed to make notes a valuable part of management and not just a wasted effort. When you start typing you will see your text in this free node. The map to the right contains model answers to the questions rreeplane could be used to check the result.

GTD plugin and freeplane: You can also link to documents and web pages, delete unneeded nodes tutorrial branches and do lots of editing which is more limited with paper mind maps.

The group free 1 consists of a free positionable node with free posistionable children and regular grand childern. Open the mind map on the right and read the text hidden in the root node for peculiarities of the groups free2, free 3 an free 4.