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The commanders, right down the chain, were given the responsibility for the training of their commands. Nehru, President Kennedy, and Mr. I was deeply ayu of the great re- sponsibilities lying ahead of me.

Nirmal rated it liked it Apr 26, What we got, in fact, were truncated formations and units critically deficient in essential equipment.

Friends, Not Masters by Mohammad Ayub Khan

Every year a unit had to go through an exercise set by the Brigade Commander, the object of which was to test the Unit Commander. In Koka there was another Maulvi Sahib, a revered old man, who inspired in me great respect and also great fear.

It must be admitted that the task was stupendous. I remember that we thought we ivould have to be very careful and very correct in England.

I remember it vividly to this day.

Friends Not Masters: A Political Autobiography

The exis- tence of different provinces organized on linguistic and racial lines facilitated political manoeuvring by unscrupulous elements to the serious detriment of the economic and strategic interests of the area. Pathans, Punjabi Mussalmans, Sikhs, and Dogras, all equally distributed. Had a long discussion with him on mastters future of the Border Police.


All this hardened my determination to keep the khab completely aloof from politics. But for those who stayed, there was a great feeling of equality, brotherhood, and camaraderie. I noticed that the Prime Minister was a little restless. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Later I Icamt to play hockey.

The future to me was clear. The first essential in reorganizing the army was to shift the emphasis from learning die technique of ivar to understanding the art of war. I wondered at how callous, cold-blooded, and selfish people could be. Had there been any complicity or involvement of any kind, I have no doubt that it would have been discovered. It was almost a jungle and for company’, apart from some chovckidars watch- menwe had only jackals, pye dogs, and wild animals.

I was to reach Pindi eist evening. It was a beautiful winding road but the pranks of the mule gave me little opportunity to appreciate the vast stretching T.

Friends, Not Masters

Greater reliance was placed on indigenous resources and latent potential was exploited in sectors common to defence and commerce. Some of them found life too hard and exacting, and ran away. One of the conspirators was Brigadier Siddiquc Khan who had served in my unit at one time and was then commanding a Brigade at Bannu.

He was a pious man, widt a long political record. May Went to Brussels to join Amjad Ali. My prayer and belief is that it will always remain so: Nurul Amin impressed me as an intelligent man who observed things and had some idea of how the administration should be run.


I made a lunge at one of them and hit him as hard as I could. The Prime Minister was also worried and cancelled his visit to Canada, We decided to return as quickly as possible. We tightened up on discipline, embarked on extensive training exercises, and I kept moving around and visiting various units.

Friends Not Masters: A Political Autobiography | The University Press Limited

After some time the Battalion Commander rang me back to say that the mutineers were not responding to reason. Our endeavour is to remain out of the orbit of major power conflicts. The life and times of Pakistan’s first military ruler, Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan, told in his own voice, from his early days through his tenure as Commander-in-Chief, then as the author of the ‘Revolution’ inuntil his aayub in the presidential fiends of Was this the way to get the best out of them?

The ill feeling between froends British and Indian officers before the war, in my experience, manifested itself in a number of ways and arose at times over seemingly trivial incidents. Books by Mohammad Ayub Khan.